'Helicopter Parenting' May Underprepare Your Child for the Real World

Author Julie Lythcott-Haims dissects the parenting trend in her book "How to Raise an Adult."
2:29 | 10/19/15

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Transcript for 'Helicopter Parenting' May Underprepare Your Child for the Real World
showing in awhile, yeah. Next up, helicopter parenting. Hearing those words gets the debate going. One mom saying it could be ruining a whole generation of kids. Ruining? Jesse as that story. People think we're raising a generation underprepared for the real world. How do you avoid that if you're a parent? We have tips from the author of the book "How to raise an adult." Parenting styles can very ray. I'll not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom. Reporter: To too protective. I'm getting rid of everything in the house that has gluten or sugar. Reporter: To so-called helicopter parenting. Could overbearing parents be harming their kids. Kids grow up, they can't do for themselves. They don't have the skills needed in the work place. They have higher anxiety and depression. Reporter: Julie lythcott Haines believe parent who is hover could ruin the next general rain. We're overhepping the independent leads to harm. Reporter: One woman writing, children should learn how to solve their own problems. One saying, if you're child is druning, you're not going to walk away. I would never tell parents to cut their children off. They have to begin leading their own life. Reporter: According to lythcott-hains. There are ways to step back. Stop saying we when we forring to your kids. I said we. Yeah, you do that sometimes. I'm so sorry. Reporter: Second, stop arguing with the adults in their live ps. This includes coaches and teachers. And finally, stop doing their home work for them. Our job is to put ourselves out of a job. Here's two more tips. Parents should avoid being a concierge to their kids. Making sure they get up on time. Meet the deadline. And have them do chores. This builds a sense of accountability, real life, and skills and work ethic. Was this field reserm for you? I'm thinking back to what my parents said. Make your bed. It gives you accountability. And look at you. Great example. Thank you, Jesse. Time now for our brand-new anti-aging series we're

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"Author Julie Lythcott-Haims dissects the parenting trend in her book \"How to Raise an Adult.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34570589","title":"'Helicopter Parenting' May Underprepare Your Child for the Real World","url":"/GMA/video/helicopter-parenting-underprepare-child-real-world-34570589"}