Cop Saves Man From Burning Car

Video captures the dramatic moments when John Vescio saved a helpless driver from a gas fire.
1:57 | 06/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cop Saves Man From Burning Car
incredible rescue caught on camera. An out-of-control car crashes into a gas station, just missing a hero cop who springs into action to save the day. Gio Benitez has this remarkable story. Reporter: Take a look at this dramatic scene. A driver pumping gas in Harrison, New York, last week. And then, this. Out of nowhere, a car flies in, crashing into the pump. And immediately, starting a massive fire. The man at the pump, New York state police senior investigator, John vessio. Escaping the scene, just in the nick of time. The impact was very sudden. It was very quick. Reporter: Within two seconds, the car hits, the pump falls and the fire erupts. Actually went to look up. And see what was going on. And next thing I knew, the pump was coming down on top of me. Reporter: Watch as more drama unfolds. Vescio, at first darted away, and runs back after spotting the 70-year-old driver who crashed the car after suffering a diabetic shock. And now, could not move. He was not responsive. I found when I got to the car, he was pretty much helpless. Reporter: Vescio struggles to get him out of the car. Dragging him out by his shirt. Only returning to get a first aid kit from his car. And there wasn't a moment to spare. Seconds later, a ball of fire consumes the car. Both men miraculously out of the danger zone. I think John did a very heroic thing. I think he starts off as a civilian. He becomes a victim. And then, his police training kicks in. And he actually saves somebody's life. Reporter: And both men were obviously injured. And essentially taken to the hospital. But we're told they're doing well this morning. That's the good news. That senior investigator out of the hospital. Unbelievably, he had ammunition in the trunk. He had to get everybody away. And he needed to do that. He did such a great job. Gio, thanks very much.

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{"id":24101998,"title":"Cop Saves Man From Burning Car","duration":"1:57","description":"Video captures the dramatic moments when John Vescio saved a helpless driver from a gas fire.","url":"/GMA/video/hero-cop-off-duty-police-officier-saves-man-24101998","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}