Hidden Cameras Catch Pickpockets and Their Dastardly Techniques

What can you do to protect yourself from the tricks of their trade?
3:17 | 05/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hidden Cameras Catch Pickpockets and Their Dastardly Techniques
This morning "Gma" investigates pickpockets. Hidden cameras revealing how they can swipe your stuff in just the blink of an eye. ABC's Cecilia Vega on the tricks of their trade and what you can do to protect yourself. Reporter: They say these San Diego area surveillance videos show theft rings in action. Watch as this unsuspecting shopper turns away from her cart. The man on the right sees his chance, takes her wallet and hides it under a tote bag. The woman has no idea as the man then hands off the wallet to his partner. Watch again as these thieves play a game of double distraction. One talks to this store employee to get him to turn away as the other approaches this woman who's not looking at her cart. Police released these surveillance videos to KGTV hoping they'd lead to shall arrest. Has to do it just when she's reaching. Reporter: Bob arneau knows the game. He gives expert advice to law enforcement on how to catch crooks. He showed "Gma" investigates just how easy we can make it for pickpocks. Take a look as he and his wife Bambi distract these people. The woman on the right leaves her purse hanging on her chair. Bob swoops in and takes her wallet. Did you have any idea what he was doing right behind you? No. Reporter: As he explains how he did it, watch on the right as he takes the other woman's purse. Oh. Reporter: And you won't believe what this woman does. She leaves her purse wide open unattended of the bob then easily walks off with her wallet. We were watching you. Your purse was here and you were over there. Reporter: Now check out these cell phones. After a quick conversation and a carefully placed menu, the one on the left is going, going, gone. Oh, my phone. Reporter: Think men's wallets are harder to swipe. Think again. While I talk with this man, bob slides his wallet right out of his front pocket and hands it over. How much of this is about your quick fingers and how much of this is about just them not paying attention? I think it's more about them not paying attention. Reporter: Tip number one, don't be distracted by nice conversation from someone who appears well dressed. How do you not become a victim? This one is fairly safe. It's always here. It's never on behind me like this never. Reporter: That's tip number two. Always keep your belongings in your line of sight. I also think that having a few credit cards as possible is important. Reporter: Tip three, keep your wallet and phone in the bottom of your purse, not the top. If it's easy for you to access it's also easy for thieves. As these folks found out. Reporter: You're clutching your purse. Now I don't trust you. Reporter: Cecilia Vega, ABC news, Phoenix. Some really good tips. Yes. We all have to think like that. They're out there. We want to add all of the participants in this story were told they were a part of an ABC news shoot.

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{"id":23678192,"title":"Hidden Cameras Catch Pickpockets and Their Dastardly Techniques","duration":"3:17","description":"What can you do to protect yourself from the tricks of their trade?","url":"/GMA/video/hidden-cameras-catch-pickpockets-dastardly-techniques-23678192","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}