High School Uses 'Compliment Grams' to Fight Bullying

Winfield High School's We fight hate club sells friendly notes for fellow students.
4:16 | 04/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for High School Uses 'Compliment Grams' to Fight Bullying
Does it cost to end bullying. I want Winfield high school in West Virginia it will set you back a whopping fifty cents that's all it takes to stop -- at the -- stop hate club a student's consent each other complement grams. And the friendly -- -- helping create a kinder atmosphere at the school and help combat bullying as we hear from the students in this video. A compliment -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People -- each -- has a really nice compliment. It's not just stopping pulling it has spaces -- has people that are passionate about it and that makes it so much. Affects people so much and makes you feel so good about themselves and fund does. A lot of the negative effect that people have -- -- and I really wanted to be involved with something that -- the positive impact. I kind of violent game. Freshman year and then why I'm going to -- -- I stopped when he gets me every school could definitely easily update. -- He taught us all the time but we're gonna try this live -- -- GMA -- -- doesn't always work so if we can't hear you will bring you back every day until we can't join given Dreier there. There good morning -- -- -- congratulations what what made you get started with an idea like this. Well. Basically what happened as you know I was bullied whatever I was younger and it wasn't your usual schoolyard bullying I couldn't -- that hurt that person pushed me down or anything like -- Com and I did not competence IA you know. I just tried so hard I went just fit and didn't initially realize that it and ordered should be happy with yourself. Yet to accept everything. So. I you know I got hooked up with -- every gallon over the Internet she is the best friend I've never met she started we stopped -- dot org as social media movement and bullying. And so from there I got in touch with her I started getting more involved with the program you know by July. This year I was actually in -- -- position and I thought. How cool would it would be you know we're reaching out these kids -- computer screens what we can look -- I can actually be in this school we're most of this usually takes place. So how then do we take this from and from there from the local level from a localized by how do we make this -- because this -- to get everywhere. Well and Haskell -- -- not anyone certainly stop hate club in their school. It's as simple as telling us is visiting our web -- you know for your were ready to talk to you until you get this movement to spread. And this is bullying on all levels and that's what's so great because you know we all know what it was like when we weren't school it is so much harder now -- with FaceBook and Twitter and texting. And it can be anonymous and that's what's so difficult about it. And you don't understand. When you're that young when your your age. That these people are bullying because they don't there's something about themselves they don't their -- something going on in their world that they don't like you take it personally. But it's damn acting out a bully is acting out their own problems. And so I hope I hope I hope. People will will join your campaign and make it go crazy says. Seriously think you can even come I don't think. Like you send us this she didn't. I'm the -- And actually. Well be reading these. The and he's carrying them live -- Your care for great causes in the people in this world. Oh encouraging as -- never lose your dad likes -- my daughter -- thank you. They're all very individually appreciated saying that I inspire women and -- we -- -- -- careers and be good mothers. Ankle sprain and -- -- thank you for joining us in the fight against bullying it's -- total it's a cause I absolutely believe in. Your passion and influence is so uplifting. Dot dot dot. And my grandma really like yeah yeah. You don't you tell grandma that I loved her and I love her granddaughter and he settled yeah. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":18978181,"title":"High School Uses 'Compliment Grams' to Fight Bullying","duration":"4:16","description":"Winfield High School's We fight hate club sells friendly notes for fellow students.","url":"/GMA/video/high-school-compliment-grams-fight-bullying-18978181","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}