Hill Harper opens up about adoption, single fatherhood

The "CSI: NY" actor and his 1-year-old son appear live on "GMA."
5:09 | 06/16/17

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Transcript for Hill Harper opens up about adoption, single fatherhood
Back nour, been waiting to share this with you. It's exclusive. A beautiful story, just in time for father's day about an award-winning actor who's taking on possibly the biggest role in his life as a single dad. We'll speak to hill Harper in a moment but first a look at his story. Why did he want to speak with me? He's best known for playing in "CSI: New York." Actor, author, philanthropist and now a proud single father. About a year and a half ago hill Harper adopted newborn pierce. Today is his first time in the public eye. The proud new dad joining a very exclusive club, only 3% of dogs are by single fathers each year. Harper and his son enjoy spending time in the park. And even dress alike. They share a special bond. Harper says he loves his new role and that being a father is his best gig yet. Oh, proud papa here. Hill Harper. Happy father's day weekend, everybody. Some of us have known about this for a little bit and tell people why you decided -- because we hear women that do this but it's very rare for a single dad. You know, it's crazy. This is where friends and family come into play. My very dear friend, she called me one -- during the summer of 2015 and said I'm going to do an intervention. I always thought I was going to get married and adopt and I talked about adopting and wanted to be this dad. She said you're going to be a great dad but I think you're waiting too long. You know, you're -- you may get to a point where you'll decide you're not going to do it. Even though you're not married why can't you just be a dad now and I was like, well, that's not the way it's supposed to happen. She said, well, you have to talk to this adoption person that I know. Just learn the process and I said I'll do that. As a friend she said I'll do an intervention. I talked to the guy and said I appreciate you giving me the information. I'm not ready. I'm not there and then fast forward to right before Thanksgiving of that year, I get a call from him, I was shooting a show called "Limitless" in my dressing room and I thought -- I don't know why he was calling me and he says, you know, there's a wonderful young woman that's having a son in three weeks, would you be interested in adopting him? Wow. And I was like -- Three weeks. What? You know, I didn't -- and, you know -- You were there in the delivery room. Yes. From the -- I was actually -- I actually went from the set of "All eyes on me." Flew to where she was giving birth and I was there in the delivery room and cut the cord and, you know, I'm so proud that pierce, his name is pierce hill Harper that he chose me to be his dad. He chose you. Yeah, that's beautiful. Hil hill. The biggest blessing of my life. The biggest role. And certainly the biggest blessing. I was so afraid and didn't know. How am I going to do it? I never even changed a diaper. I changed a lot now. What has been the biggest challenge and most rewarding? You know, the biggest challenge one thing parents -- they don't give you the real down-low. Every day, you're making a different set of decisions that you feel impact the future of this wonderful person, you know, and so that's a challenge. It's a beautiful challenge but it's a challenge and the most rewarding thing is the fact that I never felt that I could love this deeply. I love him and he's my son. You know, it's a beautiful -- We'll see that love. I have to ask about tupac. The biopic. Today would be his birthday. He would be 46 years old today. Do you have to be a fan or not to enjoy -- You're not even familiar with him you'll love it. It's a beautiful film. Story about a young man with big, huge crimes who worked so hard. So prolific and passed away when he was 25 years old and he had done like 7,000 songs and done so much. It made me feel like I got to do more in my- Let's walk over and see pierce. Let's bring pierce out. Come on. Come on. There you go, little man. There you go. Say, hi. Hi, pierce. Oh, my. You got your hands full and he's already a little ham like his daddy. Yeah. He likes music, doesn't he. He loves music so every day since he's been born I play classical music and play jazz and has a drum set and plays piano. He's mesmerized by the crowd. I think he's a natural. Well, hill, thank you for sharing your story and your love and pierce, happy father's day. Happy father's day, everybody. God bless you.

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{"duration":"5:09","description":"The \"CSI: NY\" actor and his 1-year-old son appear live on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48075499","title":"Hill Harper opens up about adoption, single fatherhood","url":"/GMA/video/hill-harper-opens-adoption-single-fatherhood-48075499"}