Hillary Clinton Discharged from Hospital: What's Next?

Secretary of state is home after spending four days in the hospital with a blood clot.
2:23 | 01/03/13

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton Discharged from Hospital: What's Next?
And we're going to turn to hillary clinton's health. The secretary of state is back home this morning, after spending four days in the hospital, with a blood clot between her brain and her skull. Sharyn alfonsi is here with the latest on her recovery. Reporter: Good morning. The secretary is back at home and reportedly on the mend. Aides telling abc news, that she's been working and talking to her staff and the president. They say she's eager to get back to the office. The secretary of state tucked in this van moments after being discharged from the hospital, where she spent four days being treated for a blood clot in her head. Overnight, clinton's security detail seen arriving at her home in chappaqua, new york. Daughter chelsea tweeting, grateful my mom discharged from the hospital and is heading home. Even more grateful, her medical team confident she'll make a full recovery. The secretary left the hospital briefly earlier in the day. Hand-in-hand with her daughter and her husband, former president bill clinton, to have tests at another part of the sprawling hospital campus. A few hours later, she was released. The long-term prognosis who had a clot in this part of the brain is very good. Neurosurgeons say three to six months of anti-coe wag land is norm. Reporter: This is the first time she's been seen in public in more than three weeks. A spokesperson says clinton has been quite active. Even from the hospital. In touch with state department aides, dealing with foreign policy issues, making calls and reviewing paperwk. Aides say she's eager to get back to the office. But doctors say she may be limited to what she can do. I expect they're going to do an evaluation to see if she's a person who has a clotting disorder. This is her second one. And I would be very nervous about long flights until i sorted out whether or not she was at risk for this happening again. Reporter: And hillary clinton famously does not like to sit still. She's the most traveled secretary of state ever. Reportedly just a few thousand miles of logging a million miles as secretary of state. She may not hit that million mile mark before the next etary of state is sworn in. They will update her schedule in the coming days. I'm sure her family is happy to have her home. We're going to go to the

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{"id":18120228,"title":"Hillary Clinton Discharged from Hospital: What's Next?","duration":"2:23","description":"Secretary of state is home after spending four days in the hospital with a blood clot.","url":"/GMA/video/hillary-clinton-blood-clot-secretary-discharged-hospital-18120228","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}