Hillary Clinton Faces Backlash for 'Deplorables' Comment

The Democratic presidential candidate called half of Donald Trump's supporters "deplorables" while speaking at a fundraiser.
1:56 | 09/12/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hillary Clinton Faces Backlash for 'Deplorables' Comment
Lot of people are wondering about Donald Trump all lies on his campaign this morning and their reaction to what happened ABC's Tom yum assists at trump headquarters here. In new York and Tom what's the campaign saying about all of us. Robbie good morning just minutes ago Donald Trump waiting on what does happen to Hillary Clinton. He says he hopes she feels better he says he doesn't know what's going on but he did say she did have that coughing fit a week ago he says he hopes to see her at the debate. Now the campaign today is focused on something Hillary Clinton did over the weekend. Speaking at a fund raiser on Friday night here in New York City. Clinton said happened from supporters are quote a basket of deplorable. And this morning that some campaign is dealt with the new campaign ad making sure voters. Hear that statement. Speaking to wealthy donors Hillary Clinton called tens of millions of Americans to. We're okay you can put it happens from supporters and do what I how to best get him deplorable. The race says sex says. All alone may extend a lone man on a small band you Damon. People like you. You and you deplorable. Now the Clinton Campaign and Clinton herself did apologize for that statement the next day she released this statement saying quote. Last night I was mostly general let's stick and that's never a good idea I regret seen half. That was wrong now robbing the system to trump campaign has been a hold on. This week trump himself has called this very insulting. I think this will affect Clinton in the polls and from the trial campaign has also likening this to something that Mitt Romney said in 2012 right. That's right Donald Trump is calling this Clinton's 47%. Moment you'll remember. That's that big gap Mitt Romney had the twin twelve campaign when he compared. A 47% of America say that you were dependent on governor Mitt. And that they all felt like victims many people felt that that comment possibly cost of Romney the election.

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{"duration":"1:56","description":"The Democratic presidential candidate called half of Donald Trump's supporters \"deplorables\" while speaking at a fundraiser.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42025491","title":"Hillary Clinton Faces Backlash for 'Deplorables' Comment ","url":"/GMA/video/hillary-clinton-faces-backlash-deplorables-comment-42025491"}