Hillary Clinton May Be Considering Run for NYC Mayor: Report

The "GMA" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
5:07 | 01/06/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hillary Clinton May Be Considering Run for NYC Mayor: Report
cc1 Te Time now for our big board. Jon Karl is back. Let's start with Hillary Clinton. Could she be, people are saying she could be the next mayor of New York City. Less than two months after conceding the election to Donald Trump, news max reports Hillary Clinton may be considering a run against bill de Blasio. There's a lot of speculation about what she might do next. What do you think? This is one of the craziest stories I have heard. After going through all she's gone through, she wants to do a rope a dope battle with bill de Blasio? I don't think so. We have asked the Clinton folks about this. Guess what they've said? What? Nothing. They don't knock it down. Heir not knocking it down. So it's still there. Let the speculation continue. If it's not this, what is it? What's next? Hard to say. He's been extraordinarily quiet. Someone else who won the popular vote and lost the presidency. Al gore. Extremely quiet far long period of time. Went on to be an award-winning documentary filmmaker. Hillary Clinton still has a very loud voice. A lot of people think she would win. Mayor of New York? Yes. Would she want the job? Maybe she wants the win. Rahm Emanuel became mayor of Chicago. I don't know if she'll look at that example, see how much fun he's had. She'll be right there on the front of the capitol. That's where she'll be next. Next up, it's finally over. The wait for football fans. The NFL wild card weekend kicks off tomorrow when the Oakland raiders taken to Houston texaning right here on ABC news. And ESPN. Joining us here, super bowl winning coach and the man in the booth calling the game, my man, Jon Gruden. Thank you so much for getting up. I know you don't like getting up early like this. We appreciate it. You are in the booth. You go through the films. Hat are the headlines? Houston versus Oakland. Great game. C Connor cook, the quarterback for the Oakland raiders, gets his first career start in the layoffs against the number one ranked defense in the NFL. That's hard, man. That's harder than being the host of GM "Good morning America." The Texans, they have quarterback problems themselves. Brock osweiler started 14 games. They benched him. Brought him back because of injury. A lot of urgency. A lot of pressure on two young quarterbacks here in Houston. We have never seen that. A first start in playoff game. You think he can rise on the occasion? I have never seen this before. As a matter of fact, it's never happened. I have gone all the way back in my notes to 1966. He's had no reps. I don't think he know this is offense very well. To have to do it on the road against the great defense like Houston in this noise, first downs are going to be hard to come by. Let's talk about the New York giants. They've been taking heat this week. Apparently partying with Justin Bieber. Pictured Onnen a boat with trey songz. Is this going to be a distraction? If they lose this game, Justin bleesh be the reason why. I don't think that was a wise move by these players. Putting themselves in this position. But, if they go to Green Bay and pull this off, they might be partying with Bieber again in Miami. You got a good point there, Jon. So, okay. Let's have some super bowl predictions. You know what it takes. I remember being there with you after the big win for Tampa bay. What does it take to win the super bowl? Who do you think we'll see in the game this year? You know what it takes. It takes one team to get hot for one month of the season. And I think the best teams we saw this year were the Dallas cowboys and the new England patriots. That would be a great super bowl matchup. You never know. Team that place good defense and a quarterback that gets hot, maybe you get a tuck rule. Maybe you get some type of help from the officials. Who knows? Anything can happen. That's hi this time of year is awesome. You're stirring it up. Here on Friday morning, you're stirring it up. What about you? I say Dallas cowboys. This is America's team. This is their year. Wouldn't bit great to see the new England patriots win and to see Roger Goodell have to hand the Lombardi trophy to him. Wouldn't it be great to see a deflated football on the Lombardi? Great to see you both. The playoffs start tomorrow. The raiders taken to Texans at, what is it, 4:20 P.M. Eastern right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44594149","title":"Hillary Clinton May Be Considering Run for NYC Mayor: Report","url":"/GMA/video/hillary-clinton-run-nyc-mayor-report-44594149"}