Hillary Clinton Talks With Voters Live in 'GMA' Town Hall

The Democratic presidential candidate visited 'GMA' to answer voters' questions.
29:50 | 04/21/16

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton Talks With Voters Live in 'GMA' Town Hall
Video already. Rarely lives up to the other questions ready as well. Also let's not wait anymore. Let's welcome our special guest this morning. Okay. Okay. Rice cotton candy. They have a lot of questions only won a senate though with some news dot com. On the stump last night already. I'd already looking ahead to the general election let's take a look. We are going to be. Crooked Hillary. He makes bad decisions. You know what Bernie Sanders said about her to ice you know that. Number one he said he wasn't qualified that's I mean that. But he said bad judgment. Hey there's the first attack. Soon meaning so. He added George I AM. I am not going to be responding to all the crazy stuff he says I think we're gonna talk about what's gonna be good for America how we're gonna make our country. For to provide the potential on the promise that every person in this country should be able to take advantage of that so many keep talking about that's what I've already done and that. He's thinking at the the attacks of Bernie Sanders right to your campaign has said that senator centers on the destructive. Who's is time for me gatherings. That's up to him that's up to him you know I would never tell anybody what to do that has to be a very personal decision. But as I said look we have to come together as a country and obviously. Primary campaign's general election campaigns there's going to be a lot of contrast drawn people and going to. He'll fight hard to get the votes to win and I totally buy that that's what we do. But let's not lose sight of what's really at stake here and that is. You know how we produce positive results for the American people how we protect our country and keep us safe and how we unify our country. And I am gonna do my very very best to stay focused on those questions and provide answers to people can make their best judgments you had a big victory of course here near nonstop the pope's state yes on Tuesday and after that they knew you were speaking in part to. Bernie supporter Bernie Sanders supporters and he said there's more that unites us at San divides us. How Joo Hyun unite everyone you know Robin. I think for small there is a lot more that unites us I note that so we both. Senator Sanders tonight we we want to tackle inequality we want to raise the minimum wage we want to make sure that. People who are putting our economy at risk are reined in regulated no bake is too big to fail no executive too powerful in jail we share those views. So I believe that once the nominating process. Has concluded. There is a great reason to come together and I know something about this because as people remember. President Obama and I ran a really tough race for. The entire primary season and he ended up with more delegates and I eight withdrew I endorsed him and then I got to work and remember when I withdrew. In a June of 2008. Polls were showing that. At least 40% of my supporters say no they were kind of they were gonna support. Senator Obama. So I had to get to work and I had to make the case I nominated him at the convention. I went from group to group even as late as the convention convincing people who were my delegates. To come together to unify because. What then Senator Obama and I had in common was much greater than our differences and so we were successful thank goodness and he was elected so. I'm hoping that the same things will happen this time. As a both us to compete for super delegates he's got a super Delhi with a question for you Pennsylvania congress and Brendan Boyle okay. I'm Adam secretary as one of the youngest members of congress I've really been struck by how many voters in their twenties and thirties. Have been motivated and excited by Bernie Sanders. I was wondering what you would say to those voters as to why you're the best choice. And what we can do even after this election to make sure these voters stay engaged. Great question congressman thanks you know look I think it's terrific that so many young people are a part of this process and I'm glad that I have a good Deb base of support I'm glad so many young people are supporting senator Sanders. They are involved that has to be good news for the Democratic Party good news for our country and I've said two groups said Sander supporters. That. They may not support me now I totally understand that but I support them I will always work. In a way that keeps their futures in mind because that's what I think you're supposed to do when you have eight responsibilities of public office predictably being president. So what I would do is keep talking about. The agenda that I put forth how to break down all the barriers that are holding back a lot of young people they are burdened by student debt they're not getting the kinds of jobs that. They thought they would when they finish their education. There are not enough jobs in certain areas for young people. Now we've got to make sure that we lift up everybody but I'm particularly focused on doing that when it comes to young people I think I'll make the case and from everything I've seen both personal conversations and research that has been done. On just as it was with me when. I dropped out. You know the vast majority. Senator Sanders young supporters will look at the choice the choice. Will be pretty stark if from either of the two leading Republican candidates become the nominee and I'm confident that will all join together. Well thank you for answering our questions you wanna hear from the people what is about your voice your vote and whereas with a voter now I am with DeVon to Ford who is a student at. More again the state in Baltimore. You are currently Sander supporter but CF. Secretary Clinton can change that right now what is your question DeVon. Good morning Secretary Clinton. Although less public days needed couple weeks ago you were calling for senator Sanders to release this tax returns. Which he did and you were caused more transparency so. In the sake of transparency and this being fair are you going to release or Wall Street transcripts. Well that's a good question it's a very fair question and let me answer it this way. I have released 33 years of tax returns and you can go to my website and see eight years the last eight years my tax returns. That is the standard that has been set for years and senator Sanders has said he will meet that standard and I certainly hope that he will meet that standard. Now there's a new request to release transcripts of speeches that have been given. When everybody agrees to do that I Willis well because I think it's important we all. Abide by the same standard so let's do the tax returns standard first because that's been. Around for a really long time and that's been your position for a for several weeks right now the team any regrets like giving the speeches now I don't know you know. I I like everybody who served as secretary of state have a unique perspective that's why Madeleine Albright and Colin Powell and and Condi Rice you when you leave the secretary of state office. People from all kinds. Perspectives want to know what do you think's going on in the world I think that's actually a useful conversation so. Like all my predecessors. I gave speeches to a wide variety of groups and it was. You know predominately about what's going on the world that I probably was asked the most common question I was asked was to talk about. The raid dad that. When after Osama bin Laden I mean people are really interest and in what you see and what you understand about the world when you come out of that position. There's got another question and he dressed I'm here with William Cobb he is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania one of the huge states up for grabs next week he says currently. Undecided possibly leaning toward Sanders at the moment what is your question. For secretary and Secretary Clinton first of all congratulations. On your recent victory here in New York City thank you can't I served six. Years in prison for robbery which is a violent crime. Upon my release in 2000. Are worked extremely hard to restore my wife. It was extremely difficult though because. 44000. Collateral consequences. Many resulting from the crime bill you previously supported. As a result if you are elected president of the United States how much money we you attach. Two efforts that our legislation and efforts are aimed at restoring the lives of the people in the communities that had been impacted adversely by the 1994 crime. Well that's also very fair question you know senator Sanders voted for that bill. On so we both supported the 1994 crime bill because of the intense. Concerned in every community across our country with the uptick in violent crimes and their work steps taken to try to address that. I've said my husband has said that there were also problems with that and we need to address those you pose a very important question because. We have got to do more to help people who have paid their debt to society they have. Don what you are describing. Taken responsibility now your route you're looking for a chance to have you build your life and my a commitment to you is this. I will do everything I can number one to divert more people away from the criminal justice system. Because too many people are in for low level nonviolent offenses. Secondly we have got to address the on equal. A facts of the criminal justice system. On people of color particularly African American men because it is just wrong and it is a result of systemic racism. That. Young African American men are arrested art are arrested charged convicted and incarcerated. At a much higher rate for doing the same things that young white men do that's just a fact it's an. It's a painful fact. So we've got to do more to intervene earlier to help more young people then on the other and when you're coming out of jail or prison. We F to have more second chance opportunities. Among those are the filing we need to do what's called bay and the box so that you're not immediately asked for your criminal record. Until you've actually a chance to compete and I've been meeting with a lot of people who have had this experience that they don't even get the first. Base so to speak. So we need to do what some states are doing at the federal level. Secondly we need a lot more support for people who are coming out job training education housing. The kinds. Community supports that will enable you to really get your life back on track and to make a contribution. Thirdly. Once you've paid your debt to society you are voting rights should be returned immediately that is eight. Path. A pimp. I've dated up personal mission to visit programs that are doing what I want to see done in more places. And I'm encourage their some excellent programs around the country that are doing exactly. What US be done and I want the federal government to support those more. Thank you for your response they should face. Appreciated during a commercial break here engaged with people here it's an opportunity for them. To have a conversation with you and you're taking full advantage of that book. That's that's what I liked most about. Being in. Politics in public life is really learning from people and having a chance to talk about how we solve problems it's just not enough to diagnose the problem. You gotta figure I gonna solve the problems and that's what I'm Anderson next big contest Pennsylvania and I think Vegas is there for their primaries on Tuesday 189 delegates up for grabs a singer and honey sit and eat diner in Philly what do you got expect. Bucks. Lasers the food looks really good here guys good morning to good morning madam secretary I'm here with Kim claiming she is a 27 year old business and finance attorney she is a supporter of yours and she's got a question for you this morning. Good morning secretary Clint then. I'm a registered Democrat and I support EO. However are I have a twenty year old brother who said that he supports Bernie because he doesn't trustee down. What would you say to change his mind. Well first about thank you for so. Reporting. Me and here's what I would like to say to your brother or to anyone who. Has that concern. Look I AM. I worked really hard to do whatever job I'm given to do. And I know I'm not an actual politician and I know that and it sometimes is more difficult to. Navigate through that the politics in the campaigning then I wish it work. But when I have a job like being senator from New York being secretary of state. People really count on me and I do my very best to deliver for them I ran at heart campaign against Senator Obama. We finished he turned around he trusted me enough to be a secretary of state I served for eight years as a senator from New York. The people here trusted me they voted for me twice and then again in the primaries so. I think it's a difference between the give and take of politics because. For whatever reason I do attract a lot of attacks and I'm under I understand that. And actually doing the job because. When I'm here today this is like a giant job interview. You all and everybody watching is trying to say okay who should be the president to help me my family. Protect our country get us on the right track so. I just think the best way for me to answer that is just to keep doing what I'm doing which is to talk about what I have done and what I will do and hopefully. Win over a year younger brother. He said he would attract these attacks for Ole -- a long time to meet her this comes up a lot. He said he still trying to figure out why and you do have a problem going forward the polls the majority of Americans say they don't trust you. What is behind. George I don't know other than the fact that for 25 years you know when I worked on health care as you well remember. I was subjected to an enormous. Wave of attacks and it hasn't stopped and I think it's quite. A tribute to first of people in new York and now here in the United States who kind of see through that but I am not saying it doesn't affect how people saying anything where you can do to address well I I try to you know when I when I have a job. The Republicans actually say nice things about me and what a good job I do. And then as soon as I move toward being an election all bets are off and now I'm I'm attacked left and right. So I think. There is I'm sure more that I can do and I'm gonna just do my best to try to break through that. Things got a question social media that's right we have nor Miller from San Francisco California and other big state coming up Secretary Clinton and she sent us this. Video question on FaceBook. Good morning Secretary Clinton my name is nor I am retired my question is. What is your greatest political regret thank you. Well I guess fight my greatest regret. Was so voting to give President Bush authority in Iraq and it did not turn out the way that I had thought it would based on what he had said. And I regret that and I said that it was a mistake and obviously. It's something that. You know I I wish and hadn't turned out the way it did. That and now Larry have another question of voter I'm secretary with Evan Nissen heaven is leaning toward senator Sanders. What has a question for you. Hi I'm the youngest member of the board of normal the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws and most on the board of students for sensible drug policy. I know that you said in the past that you respect the will the voters in states that chose to legalize marijuana. But I want to know if marijuana legalization was on the ballot in your state if you don't yes you're now. I think right I would have to study that more to see what how was phrase because it's been phrased differently in different states but I will tell you what I will do as president I've said I want to move. Marijuana. Often schedule one which you understand means that you can't do any research about it you can't do anything and I think that's wrong. We have enough anecdotal evidence as you well know being a member of the normal board. About what marijuana can do for medical conditions easing pain and we need to be doing research on it because I am a 100% favor. Of medical. Uses for marijuana but I want to know what the evidence is. I'm also someone who believes that the states can be those laboratories of democracy so I'm watching carefully what's happening in the states that have legalized it. To learn from them so we can base the best policy on that. What if there was a similar. Initiated Colorado's right now similar situation I'm gonna I want a wait and see what we learned from what's happening in Colorado and the other states that have. Gone the whole route toward absolute legalization. And I'm also watching the many other states that have done medical marijuana. Referenda or laws. Because. In the medical arena. If you're taking several different medications and you put marijuana on top of that we need to know what's that interaction what's the effects. What are the best uses and so let's be. Really Smart about this and acquire the evidence and then make the best decisions. Especially pay. I let this follow up eliminated when they know they have their own fault. I need over the the social quest that's right another one coming in from California Georgette a local car has a question about women and he gas. My daughters entering the workforce 2016. And we still haven't pay gap how do you hunt addresses. And or attack. That. Well you're a 100% right because there still isn't pay gap it's too when he sixteen and we're still. Facing the reality that women are not paid equally to men. And this is not just a woman's issue this is a family issue and an economic issue if you have a mother a wife a daughter a sister. You are being cheated because if you don't get equal pay. Then that affects your whole family income so herewith is what I want to do we have laws on the books. You're supposed to be paid equally they're very hard to enforce why. Because. We also have laws that permit people who try to find out. Whether they're being paid equally for doing the same job as a male counterpart. They can be fired or retaliated against on the job for trying to get that information so first and foremost. We should pass the paycheck fairness act which I co sponsored sponsored. Spoke for alt during the time I was in the senate. And we should also. Work to demand more transparency from businesses because when they are willing to be transparent. They often find that they have some problems I give you quick example sales force which is a huge tech company in California. I give the CEO president mark betting off a big shout out because. He was challenged you don't you do you know whether you pay people the same he's a launcher we do. He but he went that next step in to but let's find out for sure again let's look at the evidence. Let's not just think about what we hope is the case he look at the evidence and he discovered it wasn't true. That he had people in the same jobs with the same experience. The same kind of performance reviews and women were not being paid the same so. I think this is an area that we have to tackle now young women usually start off much closer in parity. And then as you get up the ranks. Bore more disparities occur. And so we've got work to do at all levels and that EMI one of my favorite questions during his whole campaign was in Nevada. I was at a town hall on I called on a young girl. That she stood up and she said. If you're a girl president we you get paid the same as the boyfriend. Yeah. I literally had to stop for a man yeah. And I still I think that's one job where you know what have you. I think. But to the JFK vault and found your first appearance here on good morning about all of my guide 1988. When I think he has what you are speaking out. About. What you're a lawyer and yes talking about equality and then such. We talked to Charlie Gibson here it is my gosh. I wanna go to the nature of that evidence does it show that there is systemically in the legal profession. Virgin. I don't. There are few if you can say that it's systemic I think what you can say is that it is still prevalent. It may not happen to every woman lawyer every day but somewhere it happens. Oh my goodness. About hairstyle. They have your color yeah. For as long as we can remembered seeing you in the spotlight you have been fighting for others. That is what I believe and I I believe you know I I I think it's a greats. At a great gift if you can somehow define what you believe your purpose to be and maybe it's because my mom had such a terrible childhood and was so abused and mistreated and neglected an out and around but at age of fourteen that she really instilled in me that. You had to get up every day no matter what had happened to the day before. And you have a better day if you figured out some way to help somebody and I just I just felt like she was absolutely. A living example of that not being bitter but being resilient. And so yes I mean that as a clip from. You know working on pay inequality and other barriers standing in the way of women lawyers I was chairing a commission. For the American Bar Association backed then. And in this campaign my main messages I want a break down all the barriers that stand in the way of people getting ahead. And yes there are economic barriers that we have to tackle no doubt about it. I share that with senator Sanders we've got and raise a minimum wage we have to get equal pay so much more. But there are other barriers they're education barriers every child deserves a good teacher and a good school. Every single year regardless of the zip code that child lives and there are still health care barriers. And there are. Barriers of discrimination. That stop people because of who they are what they look like clue they love. So what we have to do is knock down all those barriers because by doing that. We not only give individuals a chance to really make the most out of their own lives. We really do mark to get America to realize its potential. Oh I have a question. You and I have so many common we both hot sauce and everything you accident so I have to ask you sirotka. Tabasco. Or Tokyo or what. Well actually I have a collection includes all of those amended work. At I started adding I've always liked hot sauce hot foods but I start using hot sauce on nearly everything back in 92 because I read an article. That. It would help my immune system to stay healthy during that 92 campaign now. I have continued doing it almost. It religiously. And so far so good so yeah like that and we we do at that in common Christina Gonzales. My question pianist. The would you say is bill's most annoying happen. They like what would you say is bill's most annoying habit by gosh where do we stand pat live. Bob. Let's see eight. OK if you don't tell anybody. He it no matter how tired is he always feels like he has to read before it falls asleep. So he used to have a light on a city gets saved by the bell here were at a time. Sullivan Demi guide to get up go around and turn the light off Monday. A lot of times they give up that center.

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