Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum Reveals Struggle After Miscarriage

In an exclusive interview, the lead singer of the hit-making country music group opens up about how she's doing now.
3:23 | 06/20/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum Reveals Struggle After Miscarriage
Test Text1 plain We're back now with Hillary Scott, lead singer of lady antebellum revealing the heartbreaking ins place behind her powerful new music. Take a look. ♪ ♪ On stage, Hillary Scott since passionately about love, loss and healing as one-third of the hit country trio lady antebellum. But behind the scenes she's been struggling with her own personal heat break. Last fall, I went through a miscarriage. Goodness gracious. Thank you. Reporter: Now speaking out for the first time about it. This is something that's still not talked about very often. And I also feel like there's this pressure that you're just supposed to be able to snap your fingers and continue to walk through life like it never happened. Reporter: Scott now channeling her pain through music, recording an album of hymns with her family out July 29th. Including the first single "Thy will." I wrote the single right in middle of experiencing everything that comes with the miscarriage. It was my most raw place that I could have ever been when this song truly pour out of me. Reporter: She's approaching life with new perspectives. Relishes moments with her 2-year-old daughter. I'm a different mom with her now. Reporter: For now, Scott's glad to be making music again, back on the road, touring this summer with lady antebellum. After going through everything I have gone through and in the process of making this record, I know I'm coming back into the mindset of lady antebellum. And joining us now is Dr. Jennifer Wu at Lenox hill hospital. You know so many women blame themselves when they go through miscarriages. What are some of the common causes? Majority of the time is due to genetics being abnormal. The egg and the sperm don't combine correctly. As women get older their eggs get older. Lot of people who have miscarriages often times think I'll have trouble conceiving the next one and the next one, what's the truth behind that in. Not necessarily. Oftentimes miscarriage is a one-time occurrence and many of these women will go on to have happy, healthy pregnancy and what can women do as they're going through the pain, Hillary Scott poured her heart into her songs, what can women do while going through the grieving process in. It's a sad, difficult time, reach out to their partner, they're both going through it. It's a grieving process that can take time and it's okay to have that time for that. How long before you can try again, to conceive again? We tell patients not to have second for two weeks. All right, Dr. Jennifer Wu, definitely a lot of hope out there. More now on the story on our website. Let's go back to ginger who's on

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"In an exclusive interview, the lead singer of the hit-making country music group opens up about how she's doing now.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39979235","title":"Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum Reveals Struggle After Miscarriage","url":"/GMA/video/hillary-scott-lady-antebellum-reveals-struggle-miscarriage-39979235"}