Historic Winter Storm Bears Down on Northeast

Coming together of two separate weather systems could leave more than a foot of snow in Northeast.
1:16 | 02/07/13

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Transcript for Historic Winter Storm Bears Down on Northeast
Let's show you what it looks like in wisconsin. This was the northern line that amy was describing. This is light snow and ice covering the roads. This storm, when it gets to the northeast, will be much worse than you're see right now. It's two storm systems combining. Already, the weather watches and warnings are out right now. It's 12 hours away from big snow. We will get big snow in northern new england. But four states have the blizzard watches out. They expect blizzard conditions. Eastern long island, massachusetts, rhode island, and most of connecticut, even, going to get that situation. So, there's the two lows moving in. And this is the way we time it out. If you start with philadelphia, go to new york, and then to boston. It depends on the mixing and how powerful the storm is when it passes. Philadelphia, you begin with rain. You'll end with snow on friday. You don't get the big total. New york city, you start with snow. You go to a mix of rain and ice in the middle of it. Back to snow friday might. Big snow. You'll get a heavier total there. Boston, you'll probably end up and going and staying as snow. But the storm will explode beside you. You'll get the bigger totals. 12 to 24 inches. And in some cases, more than two feet of snow. We'll line it all out for you so you're not surprised by what you'll get out of the storm system. A whole bunch is coming. Now, to the breaking details

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{"id":18428205,"title":"Historic Winter Storm Bears Down on Northeast","duration":"1:16","description":"Coming together of two separate weather systems could leave more than a foot of snow in Northeast.","url":"/GMA/video/historic-winter-storm-bears-northeast-weather-systems-leave-18428205","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}