Holiday Cooking at Breads Bakery

Find out how the bakery in New York City's Union Square makes their famous linzer cookies and more.
29:05 | 12/07/16

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Transcript for Holiday Cooking at Breads Bakery
Hey good morning happy buddy. Never too early for a it right down to Britain's bakery we're hearing. Our back in. It's going to be helping us create another set of delicious Christmas. If my favorite thing. Ever. All I have to do stand and watch the pros makes them incredibly delicious cookies. I'll help you need help. And my main job of getting Tate to death. Going to be honest upfront. And they if things don't look for those of you are joining us on her FaceBook page or Good Morning America to the middle of our. Great American Christmas cookies service. Yeah so. We're taking recipes from anyone who didn't give them to us but we wanted to stop by and ask you guys get here Brad. You guys have done. Not only could. The vodka very famous hot bread muscle pretty famous for the title. But today we're going to be making few different but Christmas at ease. And I'll let you tell me what that means that both of them are American against the jets yet. That's when com. Lansing. They grant very. I really. Now we'll. And then we'll get some of the products like this is a sneak preview. But we'll see the finished product in testament of the before we jump the debate team there's so much going. It all looks and smells so good so it's what would you Barak to get a quick look where that. The accident red. Houston you don't get eaten here home it's. Right now we're going into of the U. Everything can make all the different kind of locking them grant making area. Eleven different. Machines for me seeing and also keeping. Planet next. Mimi and grandma I'm. Your grandma always go don't like inspector gadget. The votes and is there. I'm thinking about them. I live. Stop you don't make them at beginning of the day and. I pressed for everyone. We're doing a lot of the good. Then he may have ever going to be here. Let me. Let you guys. Yeah. So I have to ask. While I'm here here you're making so many different kinds. Hate but isn't especially in the evening time here yet. And that it's amazing what I'm ready to go crazy we view. All right when you violence. In which literally it is certainly. I've already got my hair net on that that is hopefully they'll look a bit nice pair press books you know. And. Yes. Krispy Kreme let me check. Very dry ingredients and just letting them. Yeah. And I think on it posted this this is RT. This area enroll now and it's yet it up next and it's very in late at night air and you're really gonna if again. Making it brings. Very unique event. And then you're gonna get the most. So this is just your every yeah. We didn't eat. Just about our store virus they can't they just incorporated a little. They have a bit of grants they do it can't hey we've written and my favorite part. Spreading. And the press freedom now. So are most like you said he could buy the raspberry jam it. Certain things do it literally just why it's taken this very. Thread. Or it differently here. Sales in the late in really loved blueberry that you want you making it at home calling along with you could he does some other different kinds of me that again. I would recommend it like other. Any gimmicks yeah. Like renting and and fitness and looks like Christmas it's like really at any rate yeah. When you can read people just go straight morning. Finally we have great and it. He had. OK so battered and battered him. The last piece that goes on this this news. What I didn't play percent of them. Sobel I ingredients for this but here again our and thank you prevent analysts and now. Letting go when it comes. Expands and an independently we Revere him nice and crummy chunky. Yeah exactly but what I meant. Very late since. He's living and expect to bring everything together and it literally suggests sugar butter brown right. Wow that's it. Which we are talking about musical interest that's literally have a sense starts sugar butter well. You get single layer on baking area here is top tier exact but he here. I'll leave it. Oh. You know what's great about this he did this death rate here is that. He did not. You know the holidays are always lovely you love having you must come to visit but if you get a little stressed out this is that I stress relief. Do we. Oh man and getting a little flower on myself. That's okay. Obviously where my battle scars out of it and president. C granted you get it nice and here again it. Eventually actually get away at that appropriately that are. Here's that sticky but at at. At an event. Pretty Texas Rick. Learn. It's like this leaving a little bit of camp showing. You know what. Crane yeah I hear ukrainians especially when it looks as pretty as that does yeah. So late Friday night. Yeah yeah. Actually everybody's favorite. For Christmas really can't go away made them in preparation for today and I think that happened that. Good evening everyone and you know I'm feeling all yes Olympic. That this. Good incidents honestly buried there he's. About it. And bringing. The and it's. See it hiding down there. Really just go for it. Starting to Wear some of the ingredients do. So to greatly know about threats also is that you know it folks. All right you're the union square area you guys are all over this city especially this time of year. I really. My night. Which has been testing so OK all right now we've got. Our eyes grounds on top of Arlington and. The end of this is ready to go any. Pattern I don't think excitement at the time I think it's about three. Iron. Fifteen minutes. Yes. Very. And letting them Yemen I think. He'd need that it. Cookie days disguise. Added that. Beauty. It's very easy yeah. When we killed. And I just at the edges out. To make it look really make things he didn't. Little place. It is yeah but you may have anything. Make that Christmas trees. Along our hearts are spending Canada's best of that you want them again right yeah this is unclear. You didn't like with your kids at your kids and you know what Africans this isn't Clinton's operatives who they'll make about innocent masses untied in conference now. I think the raspberry on top of that could keep finding him again anything. Rick and even in Batman thing that little thing is. And got a new career ahead of things. I can't say I'll give you could end of the defense and ready alma. To understand that never gonna happen. Can I taste one of these. Taking a gloves off. It's my favorite part of the cookie baking process is actually the evening press and right. Things are cookies from bread bakery here we the moment of truth. Way more than double its amazing moment Johnson. So delicious. That out of that start and kind of trying to prevent me. That's the lives of at the end you guys though that area. Right. They deserve their own tactics. Interrogate him. You don't ever gonna tell them as part of its very name but he. Then for the next yeah. We'll play well. Chocolate known him. You like every wrinkle good. Do it I'm ready. Yeah. You know at the magic of TV right now. Okay. Mary. The latest third. Our I hate. Time. If the bed watching. OK let me. You brought an. Anywhere near my Bentley Christmas he would. Never let you leave him. That honor it. Great that it has been. Like they like. Looking like wait longer than I ever street. I'm happy that they're adding eight. In the head and thank you wanna meet spirit that they are coming together if he didn't eat so. I'm the museum's great things. Sure. We're green lake you noticed me coming back and again Larry. I don't want that doesn't mean anything you want everything. A lot of time. Hey it's a really really. But that's definitely it was. Getting heartbreak. Yeah. Clinton's. Ring and a dry ingredients and I have mixture. Again that they want to get there really in the tales and I wanted to. Why apparently. We'll be okay. You're good your kids are saying. It looks like he came right out of the originate in Iraq. It will weigh the flower all of habit of doing everything Bradley. I don't mind my learning. He carries treatment. So her final ingredient. I mean millions of you get become highly competitive. Study this up when yeah. Yeah yeah that lets it. Of the recently put it collapsed. Because it's that that's. Ingredient you think the best. You know hundreds. It well Larry. But that's and another reason is that you want. We want to make sure that again people ingredients that go. Getting them down but if you put it before and everything in there's a chance that it we'll. So at the end of Britain. So we want to make sure that we but it is everything else is ready to go. The parties are excited chocolate you know lastly Taylor and but yes fashionably late trading that you're. There's no right it and it Britain they're good. Leno at ten. You're right. Heavy hearts full heart and. Googleplex. Big ayalon. If I would've if I would have done that Randy was tied down. The party. Its own gods. Food so that's really the secret ingredient. Oh that's gonna give them. Believe there won't kick yeah. That really think it's an alcohol does show that in every really. I really nice things. It's located. Kmart. You're just gonna get a really nice. And it's nice yeah. And not a holiday parties dollar yeah. What I'm ready yet. We'll. Brandy. You know like. That we have a very nice down. It's very nice. Let's get it smells good. Here. He's literally a giant. And it hurt him. But we did it again. It's a little stiffer and you don't even for the didn't return my dad. We don't need you back if you want to save it. We're thing. I'm gonna snap Randy. A. Yeah. Wayne M. Rain and. It is time I have really seen this thing with his loves its basic. Not only is it hard to make the deli get all the ingredients perfectly it was that now. And no it's not the Internet through need to gloves and ballot being every and this thing out. Anything that and Sunday so let them that breaking it up and they'll look about the things. You can pretty good. Yeah days. Growing interest at a movie. Find. I'm Diana. I'm happily. And then they're going to be nights sleep. Feud. Okay. Relatives like. Yes it is okay. That CNN New York City apartment this is like the size of my bedroom look. This is another really fun when it if you have. A little kids helping you out this such a good job. For a four year old or for me. Isn't that got about the same skill level in the kitchen and help. It is then very regular sitter it's like pregnant it's like playing oh yeah. Playing down. Okay so he's even an at a very high temperature. Here we didn't really meet meet you. Thank you. Each is good even five or six. Just want to get. Thanks Kate Knightley an infant gets hot and so then it's. You have an inkling and it. They'll. In my us those therapies paint. Canadian another taste tests. Credible. Two years. Yeah exactly. He had a brain snap devote your brain injury. They're perfectly life. Sweet but not this week it's really it's really really good. Very Frist has. It's not please note that. Arrest made Wednesday that. I do and it went out not everybody of course lives in New York so they can't have not getting units where the red State Street giving the Bryant Park. There is a delivery ounce. So he's got them the different kinds of bred street sense here I'll. Let me read let me. You can hear me. It really comes in handy it's like a holiday lifesaver for it looks like me who might not be the best advocates in that you still on it. Two adults a little bit it I don't know why it wouldn't want in the village after seeing deeds and that raspberry and they're that you. They're snow filled places. Mark me so much hurt for doing anyway and for forgiveness that we'll sneak peek at the behind the scenes here at brands. Motorbike all of you guys that he and it's great American Chris is that he search is under way six still have time. Submit your recipes and ideas that you and your family eighteen those recipes she may dot com on Yahoo!. And you've got to ask you guys you got it right now I can't getting I just love it so much. Got it I doubt if they'll places. What the recipe you really think a little action for me yes. They Denmark and again today I like I like the way they. Again this is reds bakery got out. Without later in New York City otherwise we will see you. Tomorrow morning hot yet name don't forget submit your recipes were looking for America's greatest presidents that you know I gotta say this is. Top contender right here in the kitchen I gotta go for another.

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{"id":44036335,"title":"Holiday Cooking at Breads Bakery","duration":"29:05","description":"Find out how the bakery in New York City's Union Square makes their famous linzer cookies and more.","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-cooking-breads-bakery-44036335","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}