Holiday Cooking With Ginger Zee

Ginger Zee, ABC News chief meteorologist, decorates Christmas cookies with her son at her New York City home.
27:34 | 12/12/16

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Transcript for Holiday Cooking With Ginger Zee
He. The snow and and I minutes. This is my favorites will be but obviously she and it's doing our pink yes search for America's greatest Christmas that he and I don't even care are cookies don't expect great I'm so excited to be here with you and when this guy aggressive policy against first cookie eating. Well we're trying to spear weren't acting that way. I happen I think he's distracted by I was trying to distract an attack Christmas letter it's. He's gotten doing the yen at an eating at present here but I figure. It's not that in healthy one a week from today. All digging that the current weakness in your weird yeah sell. This is a good introductory I have. Well. Hear them. Hop. The it may be eaten considerable amount. We now and then there are very classic Christmas but they are and my -- their own. Yes in. She's always in the eighties and student patently owns athletic. He's. Passionate than your Christmas Y this could be. Scattered and out of it you're looking for the straight recipe he had finally getting it with me and let. All. Every time they're meeting. No one. On kind yeah. Cool. They're so cool actually making it. Allentown and sent him. Yeah. So for those of you both are just joining us on our FaceBook life stream or on We our engineers are. Invited us over and it can't expect his eight. Here on. The key is not an. Act small. Apartment and you see it you don't want well. Have. I. That's about it announced we're glad you're watching programs premier offices wherever your G. They could he Jeremy Caldwell. Analysts are expecting a last minute that's traditional that's kind or Kennedy Lyndon. You know holiday pageants are basically you only had to make it as pretty and has been listed as we could tell Andrea Day this focused as yes or not slander and mood still praying. We're gonna decorate that. I hate to tell anybody how to make less Julie and I asked. So I love that. Has advantages to ease your Graham now AG is getting into the Christmas cookie action public. He didn't remember. What next what we want you two shag carpet in every state you know you may happy with your grandparents are here. Your mom your dad your siblings at Christmas time because that's an outrage about. Time does not smells that you think actually sells. Okay excellence we get this on an hour or so we have our period this'll. The lieutenant Karen at TI who helped us out with our arrest the action here today all of these angry at Aaron Cook sounds he's. Handel I two tablespoons ground Nutmeg and two teaspoons. Ground flew. That's very strong is this a teaspoon or tablespoon that's tickles them. I'm Ian. See him go back at the very compassionate neighbor Ali you have now the only think Clinton. Has ground money. Sounds inject teacher. You know we want her talking to use actual ginger and brown Bobby yeah but let me antelope. And that's not. It's nothing criminal yet. One teaspoon salt can't feed I think sultan that he felt. Even saying he had been nicely balanced. That can smoke it Fuller teaspoons ground Luke. Don't think that's that's. Often. Does speaking pattern TT. You know does. This really get and keep everything right and all night. As they checked. Are you couldn't stick her stance and everybody didn't. Think. Little more importantly back that it. Do you. You don't they could get him. What and a good. It into this if it does favorite element Y. Yes that area it. They knew anything that. We forget. Them. And 2 AM. Honest. I don't jets leaving the wind. Yeah. I think it's. That is the magic of Christmas okay have a little bit of flour. To attack it's yet. And a right at me. Can we add some brown sugar. And let them. We meet inspection yet that we we really kept it real animal person experience. The mix and you and it makes. Me. We're waiting for the sugar from his first cut he'd taken an annual Avila beach. You can elect suggests just. The U. It that it doesn't series anything. The. It's OK. So hard dealing Catholic. Fox about it and it doesn't taste it might like a little. She wanted it and yeah yeah just becomes Brockton I was trying to still may accept it. OK and I definitely this past that it. Evidently you I distinctly it's so nice to have this expression yeah the lesson and it happened and it adequately with rock that. Home perfect just really that they could. Thank you are going in prevented a brand new wound up with rocky road commitment and race. And it it. Once you have all the Mexican hats. Which is okay because I'm. That current notes from the rest you tentative and that feels a little like crowd. Like that's okay regulate that right just company is that there are drugs in it yet. But. Then we add butter. You met and you'd. Moving. It so. At. Minute it can't. You speak to them that this. Is get a decent and it. How did this it's now accountant. Is now is wish and I status and most American elections is that I wished television was that thing you know an entirely bacteria. Everyone at home would be able to see. An open letter probably. And home. This is gonna be exit personally can't believe it. Had. And actually hold and thank god you how to. It is like master status check this is what super mom looks like right by the way you're holding your child and it. Snatching him right. I hear. Clinton's fast and it anything city album and being held its heat. I will for the next Haller however long. It takes yeah. I think we might hit daytime Emmys this recipe. Let's wait let me in and help the good news is is that incidentally add the milk and not all but maybe I'll be accurate. Blue. Wrong. She's correct. And a bull posed a clarification on the recipe a little later and it commons. This really something special again. But to get these days I have. As well and will act and working with actually mostly professionals. And then I came here selectmen all around and but it is more about the recipe and answer. I. But they didn't exist and you mix this up if you don't look a lot you know bag went and got crop. Yet the act. We have a complete link dry mix over there this is what is supposedly the clerk paying. You may Alan if she eats. The more we came here you welcome to your entire advocates and ha. This might be able. Egan and an exodus. But it ends up looking making bath scene is more right yeah exactly the Uga keep the wax paper probably extend far. Athletic talent half. Beasley is this myself. And then you'll. Spread it out yet my answer props and changed. Movement. I think at the box. The I. Annan added it's it's got a nice like crunchy texture and keep saying crummy because there's got to be a network currently currently currently. 08 and helping yet there. And that literally. Yeah press you can do it yet little helpers in the kitchen. I looked like totally taking ownership of your families Blake Griffin. The company is rolling and yeah I nicely say Harrell. Does your guys they're saying please get your fingers out valujet. Acting like. Yeah yeah. You passed it yet but some okay quit after this is fun. You know Asia was an you know be a little older this older kids this is a caged up Perkins yeah. In. It. Press push push push push hard. His tenant when Clinton thing he he had to think about it you know like Akron which is great because yeah it's dangerous if same in any questions. Yeah shout outs. I have a feeling most of the comments it is an anti aging most adorable. Pets but. OK so after you have your thing I think then probably a little better than this because Rowling pen. Name in. You let the latest on your free perfume me. Three on base with the music class. Code. A lighter side. I think brought to you by diet. OK we just so there's your tonic. To Wear that chin while we've heparin has had an. What did this isn't greatly cooking pac ten thinks Teresa that. We don't get. It done like. And it looks. Yet. And he thinks recent Pinkston techniques patriot. OK yeah this is my favorite part does the partly as a kid eight. Let me in here I am not that I didn't add. You know Isa at you like and staff who. Now. A little more mixing. That that is a tent that they don't tell you what admiral gusty celery tolerate. You know I. She. At Santa. Many of texting yes I think it exactly the using your favorite part of apart and partly it's kinda each yes and that so. This. Yeah thank you did yes so it was pleasant. Frist about schematic really happens. Actually finishes. For Jeff thanks free. My old out of del. Move. Think he. So this is your favorite part yes. So then we take this contract and sent and I take east. Cut out. I guarantee uses might have been you know week. Yeah. Fijians ideal that gingerbread man. It isn't very serious. That he. Is known as their yeah it's nice yeah you got its. And that's what's nice about cookies is that you can use them an outrage and yes you can use them gets so pretty late and all ten minute. You know yes then moved. Which will. Think my teacher and an operation. Did use his friend it peaked at. In coming. Yes you heard them. This time. Saint negotiates. A new place them on a baking Shea. Stick and India and further. Elaborate crispy like here. I didn't say the name of these again well. But expect in this penalties. Air you're saying. That if it. Touched. My grandmother my who had. Yeah. Went bit antsy and hair. Can you can instantly Aetna's in the think right of the cameras. Helplessly. Hokies cannot the end. Reality eleven. Every other moment link. And all I. Who. If he could. Yeah. OK well. Yeah. They came out perfect. All the beginning of their journey. Really like concealed here this design something special. And scared yeah. But that's away are you selling plummeting. There answered. Yeah. They're gonna do that need to but this is the second part is that. He's got an X yeah. I think there it decorating partly you can really. Yes. We have gotten hooked up here so we had. All kinds of decoration. So. Let's these are pupil or any let's should we go ahead trying to sound. Yet crappy I think there hey you. Better believe it. Did you ever in English and east if you had read it I was thinking of innocent. America. We'll check. Unger. Chocolate chips really related basic might might. Yet many Margaret Margaret it would make Slick Rick we can't Ranariddh cookies because they were so high. Oh man you're really getting to the sugar it. And CME. Oh. But I. Yeah. Again. Ers with a said it. This could be a fun afternoon. Yes I outlining relate to do it on the and I am. I don't know one handed and going to be clay. Let me know if you can believe chain for a second and Angela Whelan exchanges. Street isn't really bizarre Christmas letters. I mean I don't plan mean since her. They play. That's apparently mariners' expense. USC singing. And it is McCain's links to if humans and elect. Me and and now. So W. Well you guys get to do the holidays and Vietnam in Michigan. Probably. And little Christmas and New York City. You expect. Grandparents. Whose parents. Yeah the evil lying and am gonna do. There is sound we we're gonna you are not yet at home I'm home. Now where tenants many here. Here at Boston medical. Hello they may come back with that the F and it all just not. You know who cares the really yeah it's been right. For the for the season as long as he didn't actually see the fan just a little bit. And it Adrian gets a big first red tape clarity. We decided Alan if people think on line that is a good idea but I'm pretty sure gonna get him no he answers yes. Grab everything that he or she has cooked up. Because any he has no idea exactly this evening tissue paper anyway. You're gonna get tissue paper. For and the same stuff you already have I mean it. That hair and I think that's a great idea when he laughed it's eminently he could have a tumor. This is really not turn I. Well I don't know you're talking about that carrot nose really just looks like it's very sad smile. Clears variant of the night. Think mainly this is the front and you could just use chocolate chips you can use either I was gonna get extra help in his Allman the nuts and stuck. Ilyce. To me it reticent cast them do that. Ethical thing as saying earlier to not make for EU so. Punch a whole year. Now we did. Take a string. And then put tree that's the heart it's can crumble. Net entries. Treat its board it's the tree. Moving. Between. This. It's the judgment this is a little ridiculous you. Live human child car. You're decorating cookies and it's beautiful coming out not matter Indian. Human arms. A healthier. You in the news. Eighth them. I can see it. That that means that somewhere body part while this is like hearing it and stand. I. The lines yeah yeah. Yes and could marquis nice yeah. Getting his fitness and healthy. This looks pretty good how funny it. Another compete don't get Matt be happy. He didn't finish here. To see little bikes and taking huge nights he thinks he can handle it. People it right straight now. Once then here's that he had his first cookie and is now like buying and then yeah some never gonna be invited back. We'll run this sweet smooth movement there well look at that. Yeah it's its own kind of Zack somewhat. He's feeling completely full of late V spray him and you. Who does an excellent island man. Calories don't count Christmas. And how do it. And that's I didn't you have her that is. That. And they used it it conciliation leaning found this yes that we shouldn't Adrian you wanna help. Agent got a favorite he says and I apologized again between all. Salute pay plan. Oh. Also right now you think you have an asbestos products. Is this. That's a sweater that. Oh my god it's can't see where it looks like years writing out. Lawrence of course of that lets her greatly. And sent this picture. Thinking that any. Natalie this but as a part of this letter by opening. And RB they. ET. REI. Eighty. In it to me. She looks at play pop art. That's the question. It because. Oh. He let the first here it's I was holidays are like a gift that that. Open and see. Any holiday that's funny. And then we'll let you know in. Its audience ET in my. Comments only pilot and let us. Up. It was wrote this thing being born in freedom. And I. Spent her as. Here they. So let's give it let's put them there. Pray Ostrosky crystal her equal value equal that you eating can you re human that you're well. Alone now. I'll let you know and yet there's front of the tree ornaments and back to the tree ornaments yeah not that I'm not proud of this then we've gotten sick this guy an attack at a charity he. There. Could see Candiotti had so many. Otis and it's I was just looking at a little flat as well yeah and year. Yeah up on easy I had to work out that. This is worked out back and he did you really at their ears just. A oh that's awesome cool. Who. Himself trees but. You know. The right place that. It. You. You've got that apparent prank. And he. Had any time. It's apartment. This morning. It. And and Graham you lots of presidents need. And. So they can't do you. It doesn't actually. Yeah I think I'm pretty impressed them well. And I'm movement actor okay. It happen. Yeah so much opponents allege that deficit enjoyment that's going to be my students can now go. That's an enemy that adjustment that right now the alert in the eighth. Yeah both though it has sat at the frosting at a unlike. Lots here mix now now now you're getting her eighth day out. Kindred too much there's hazards and thinking what mix that I like and that's to. Yet. 864 days right now. I don't think you got so much for watching and don't forget. We want to hear from you guys send us your recipes in your videos of you making those recipes that their families. G and its icon Yahoo! there's a tapped right at the top you can send us your your videos your. You guys injury Waukegan. You have that at this the number killed a bank. AG using hacked. And must. It. In the US is still on its dignity and yes but I think it expects them. Well you can do it and not. But my. Apparently you can get it. Oh. Latin pop you marry me.

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{"id":44143375,"title":"Holiday Cooking With Ginger Zee","duration":"27:34","description":"Ginger Zee, ABC News chief meteorologist, decorates Christmas cookies with her son at her New York City home.","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-cooking-ginger-zee-44143375","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}