Holiday Guide to Returns and Re-Gifting

ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis shares how to get the best deals on unwanted gifts.
2:42 | 12/25/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Holiday Guide to Returns and Re-Gifting
What if you didn't get what you want, we got returns and regifting and post-holiday sales. Rebecca Jarvis to help you find the best deals. Good morning. No lumps of coal in my stocking and hopefully not in yours but if you happen to have something you don't love sitting under your tree we're here to help. This morning, if Santa strayed from the wish list and sort of missed the mark you're not alone. Americans typically return about $60 billion worth of gifts over the holidays. Clothing, electronics and toys topping the list of returns. So how can you make the most of any unwanted packages under your tree? Don't think you can return any gift any time but most retailers are for giving around the holidays and often offer a 90-day window when usually it's 30. Check those gift receipts. Unless the return by deadline is closing skip the crowds by holding off on that trip to the mall for a few more days. Or ship it back instead. Many retailers will now let you return by mail for free. And what about the rules around regifting? Here's my simple rule, if you'd be horrified to receive something, give it to charity. If you like it but you've already got it, pass it on. Reporter: Great news if you got this year's most popular gift, gift cards. $130 billion worth of gift cards given this year and now is the time to get some of the deepest discounts. If you receive a gift card for a store you don't normally shop at, don't worry you can turn that into cold hadfi cash. Go online and look for one of the GIFD card exchanges like chardpool or GIFD card granny. There you can sell your gift card for cash with a little transaction fee. And while the most wonderful time of the year may technically be behind us it's the best time of the year for deals on all things Christmas. Cards, ornaments, decorations, target, Walmart, even many grocery and discount stores now offering 70% off holiday merchandise. It's also a great time for major markdowns on winterwear, furniture and mattresses and for anyone who's resolved to get healthy, fitness equipment. Now you still have a few days to spare before those resolutions kick in and there is good news on that front because gym equipment and memberships, they are also seriously discounted in January, so you can enjoy the eggnog, the cookies for a few more days before buying that stuff. Makes a lot of sense. Everyone does that in January. Gym in January. Packed. January 3rd it is.

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis shares how to get the best deals on unwanted gifts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35950211","title":"Holiday Guide to Returns and Re-Gifting","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-guide-returns-gifting-35950211"}