Holiday Hacks: How to Wrap Those Oddly Shaped Gifts

"GMA" contributor Tony Reali and Buzzfeed experts offer tips on handling those hard-to-wrap presents.
4:38 | 12/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Holiday Hacks: How to Wrap Those Oddly Shaped Gifts
It is. And day one of short cuts to make your holiday better. All kinds of ways you can get creative with holiday gifts, decorations and so much more. This morning it's about gift wrapping presents. They come in all shapes and sizes, as you know. And it's tough to make them look nice. Tony Reali paid a visit to buzzfeed where the lifestyle experts gave him secrets to success. Would you like it gift-wrapped ? Reporter: Perfecting the art of wrapping can be a pain staking process. In the Christmas box. But I don't want a Christmas box. Reporter: Believe me. So I went to buzzfeed and got the 411 on some holiday wrapping hacks. That's not right. Here's my problem, okay? You need wrapping paper, you need tape and you need scissors to wrap. But only two hands. How does it work? What's this? This is the handest contraption ever. It's called the scissor tape, and double-sided tape that's your best friend. That's not just for j.lo. Want to straighten a ribbon? Run the ribbon through this guy, and it's so much prettier. A lightbulb will work. It's going to get the kings out. Gift tags. Don't buy them. Things like paint strips are free from the hardware store. Take your paint chip and put out -- The cards here. And punch a little hole in the top corner, and tie it on with a ribbon. And, you know, you have yourself a gift tag. Reporter: How about tieing a perfect bow? So the first thing to do is wrap it around the fork this way. Perfect. Perfect. Reporter: Working, working. Okay, make sure each end is the same length. Bring the back one in front. So over, under and through. Then you flip it over and you're going to tie that. Just tie a single knot. Slide that off and trim it. Reporter: Victory. The first Christmas gift is for you. So wonderful. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Tony Reali, ABC news, New York. But wait, we're not quite ready to wrap things up yet. Time now for the holiday anchor challenge. You are going to pick an unwrapped item. Don't look. Don't look. Look in here. And you're going to have 45 seconds to wrap. Whatever you pick in there. Oh, come on. Come on. You got it? Oh, yeah. This is not right. Oh, that's tough. Last one you know, got it. Yep. Oh. Nice. So let's put 45 seconds up on the clock. 45 seconds. And see what you can do in three, two, one. Go, go, go. 45 seconds. Have to be creative. I'm just trying to survive. Talk survival. Time is ticking. Does it have to be pretty? 30 seconds, ladies. 30 seconds. Not good. 30 seconds. You know what? I shouldn't have done this. Come on. Be creative. Be creative. I'm trying, robin, the pressure. It's too much. 20 on the clock. 20 on the clock. That's not going to help you win any points. Oh. Five, four, three, two, one. Put your ribbons down. Ribbons down. Yours looks like a duck. That's cute. Lara, can you describe what you were going for here and here? I was having a tough time with olaf, so I decided to distract you. Mission accomplished. And go in a different direction. I just tried to hide it so -- It's not bad. The little bow. I like the choice of color. How about you? A Christmas goose. I like that too. That's like takeout. Really is good. Thank you. Did you really mean to make a goose? No, you said duck and I just ran with it. Impressive work by you all. Thank you. A little testing here. Who thinks it should be Lara? Oh. Amy. Right, it's ginger. Ginger. Oh, man, Christmas goose. Two for two on the holiday showdowns. She had the ugly Christmas sweater and now the goose. She doesn't play. Yes. Thank our friends at buzzfeed for those great tips.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"\"GMA\" contributor Tony Reali and Buzzfeed experts offer tips on handling those hard-to-wrap presents. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27687607","title":"Holiday Hacks: How to Wrap Those Oddly Shaped Gifts","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-hacks-wrap-oddly-shaped-gifts-27687607"}