Holiday Laser Lights Could Interfere With Airline Pilots

Lasers meant to spread holiday cheer as part of light displays could actually pose a danger.
2:06 | 12/13/15

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Transcript for Holiday Laser Lights Could Interfere With Airline Pilots
Aditi, thank you. A holiday story now that should be fun but may be dangerous. In fact, people are buying laser light displays for their homes but they could pose a threat to pilots. Reporter: Good morning. You can see an example of star shower laser lights on this house. Red and green dots. Those are the lay Sers. As it looks festive. You up above they can cause a problem. It's amazing light show. Reporter: Across the country, star shower and similar lights nearly impossible to keep on the shelves. We ran out real quick. Reporter: On top of lifting spirits, these star shower laser lights raising problems for pilots ahead. Reporter: An American airlines pilot approaching dallas/ft. Worth airport reported seeing a laser from 13,000 feet above the ground. The agency said that it's investigating the incident. If the box is aimed a little high some of the laser light will not hit the roof of the house for example, it will keep going off in space. Reporter: Or worst, right into a cockpit. Last month, a pilot blasted by a laser light. Reporter: Only after landing learning the bright green flash had come from a Christmas display. I was very surprised that a Christmas decoration sold commercially right now off the shelf has the power to illuminate an aircraft. Reporter: The manufacturer said in a statement to ABC news, star shower should be pointed directly at your home, never directly into the sky. Another concern is that decorators are so delighted with one star shower and why not add another suddenly the whole house is lit up. We turn it to Ron. Deadly shooting in los

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{"duration":"2:06","description":"Lasers meant to spread holiday cheer as part of light displays could actually pose a danger.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35741531","title":"Holiday Laser Lights Could Interfere With Airline Pilots","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-laser-lights-interfere-airline-pilots-35741531"}