Holiday Leftovers Recipes: Chicken and Pork Tacos

Marcus Samuelsson and Tim Love share tips on how to reuse all that extra food.
4:35 | 12/26/12

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Transcript for Holiday Leftovers Recipes: Chicken and Pork Tacos
one. And while the stockings may not be emptied, obviously, the fridge full for weeks with leftovers. The easiest way to spice up the holiday meals. I know one way. Tacos. Who better to make them than marcus samuelsson and tim love, with creative ways. Creative ways to turn your leftovers into delicious tacos that will knock your socks off. You wish people could smell it in here. It smells delicious. It's good, right? Thank you. You're not allowed to touch the kitchen. Not touching anything. What are we doing here? I'm going to do some chicken tac tacos. I love these chicken tacos. They're ethiopian-inspired. I'm from sweden. They're my ethiopian tacos. What are you doing over here? I'm doing pork tacos. I'll have them by the time you get done here. A chicken stew. Have that left overfrom christmas. A little uneaten chicken. That's my stew. Some chili. It smells great, right? How long do you cook that? Honestly, on low heat, just three, four hours. Real nice. What do you have going on there? Oh, wine. Wine, chicken stock, tomato base, and nice chili powder. Wow. We have to make the taco. A little bit of cheese. What kind of cheese are we using? This is a fresh cottage cheese on top, that makes it nice and sour. You want to stack the flavors. I'll get you a smaller one so you can look great and eat at the same time. I'm going to give her a big one. It will be funny. This is my recipe, to rock the taco. All right? What are you doing? We want to talk about an important festival before we get to yours. Go ahead. Can you tell me about the food and wine festival in austin? It's the best. The last week in april. And tim is hosting the best bands, the best chefs, come down to austin. It's like a cooking event throughout the whole week. That's right. People like marcus samuelsson, the guys from animal in l.A. Friends fly in from all over the country. Create this food and wine festival. Not only great food, but great booze. Great bands. We're saying, austin exists to throw a festival like that. It's awesome there. And authentic mexican food, like yours. On saturday night, we do an event called rock your tacos. This is a competition. I love that. Very -- we have to team up this year. I got josh this year. He's mine. All right. Unlike marcus, where he buys his tortillas -- ooh. Yeah. We got some secca and corn flour and salt. And we get the dough. We make it into a ball like this. Just like this. So exciting here. We have a tortilla press. Take it like this. And press it down. A little more. There you go. Just like that. Anger management. You can do this at home and it makes you feel good when you're mad. You take the top layer off. Peel it off. A hot press here. You put it on the grill. But we go into a hot pan. And make our tortilla. It's so easy. We have bourbon and coke braise. Taste it. And fresh tortilla. This is park. I want to ask -- when you build a taco, we build layers of flavor. The idea, we want to have fat, acid and salt. These are the three layers. The fat comes from the pork and the hollandaise. And the salt comes from the cheese. And you can do it -- the day after christmas, that's how it happens. All right, guys. We have all of the recipes from the incredible chefs at goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! We're going to eat.

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{"id":18067248,"title":"Holiday Leftovers Recipes: Chicken and Pork Tacos","duration":"4:35","description":"Marcus Samuelsson and Tim Love share tips on how to reuse all that extra food.","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-leftovers-recipes-chicken-pork-tacos-18067248","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}