Holiday Shopping Secrets for the Best Deals Revealed

Tory Johnson goes undercover to find the best discounts.
3:55 | 12/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Holiday Shopping Secrets for the Best Deals Revealed
Next in the "Gma heat index," shopping secrets that will save you big this holiday season. When we want great deal, you know who we turn to. The one and only Tory Johnson, who went under cover to find the discounts for us. Reporter: Ah, the holidays are here. That means one thing. It's time to hit the stores. Today I'm on a mission to save big bucks just by using my smartphone and persuasive personality. First stop, payless. I'm looking for a pair of holiday heels. Almost all of the merchandise is on sale. I'm looking for an additional deal. Are there other coupons I can use? Not in the store. Reporter: He tells me to check my phone. Payless promo code. A message asks for my phone number. I get a code for an extra 20% off. Victory. These heels, originally 40 bucks are already 50% off. Now with my extra 20% savings, they're only $15.99. Next, I head to Jc Penney. I spot cute gloves. Ten bucks a pair and 40% off. What else could I use to save on these? Go online. Use the tickets. They pop up. Reporter: Again, I get out my phone, go to Jc and bi bingo, a coupon. Now two pairs of gloves are $9.58. Time to hit the children's place. I use my phone again where I joined their e-mail list and got a 25% off coupon. It's nice. Use it on whatever I buy? Yeah. Reporter: I find two dresses. Already 50% off. The grand total after my double discount, $16.80. That's a holiday jackpot for me. Last stop, Yankee candle. I'm told I have to present a coupon in the store. What if I don't have it? That's okay. Reporter: You'll give it to me? Just by asking, the sales associate gives me a coupon I don't have. Knocking $20 off $45 purchase. It goes to show, it's always worth asking for an extra deal. Holiday savings success. Well done, Tory. Thank you. We reached out to the companies whose stores I visited. Those that responded said they always put their customers' needs first. They encourage savings. I found that out. Just by speaking up and asking, I don't have coupons, what can you do for me? Some said check your phone, your e-mail. You can sign up for different things. Often times, right on the spot. The other thing I would mention is sometimes when you're a part of a membership or special group. Seniors get a discount at banana republic. Your aaa card can be a ticket to savings. You have to speak up. Military get a savings. The last thing I would tell you is this. If you're shopping locally, don't expect to pay rock bottom prices. Sometimes like the money you're saving is like you're saving your neighborhood. So -- we have to keep that in mind. Biggest savings are here. What do you have here? Love you. Love you gloves. Peace out. Peace out, robin. Fancy shoes. All these are part of it. Best, best deals. Thursday, "Deals & steals." Can't beat it. I was out with the crew. I had three items from "Deals & steals" on. They pointed it out. You can get more tips from Tory at on Yahoo.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Tory Johnson goes undercover to find the best discounts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27605945","title":"Holiday Shopping Secrets for the Best Deals Revealed","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-shopping-secrets-best-deals-revealed-27605945"}