Baggage Handler Theft: Caught on Tape

Officials warn holiday travelers to be careful about what they pack in their checked luggage.
3:00 | 12/17/13

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Transcript for Baggage Handler Theft: Caught on Tape
We have a warning for all of you flying this holiday season. This hidden camera video, an abc news exclusive, of airport baggage handlers brazenly stealing. Abc's pierre thomas has more on the shocking results of this government sting. And how you can protect yourself from airport theft. Reporter: This morning, officials say this is why you want to be careful about what you pack in your checked luggage. These backage handlers are stealing. Caught on hidden cameras. Watch as this baggage handler finds a wallet. Bingo. There's the cash. Let's count it. Maybe there's more. Yep. Credit cards. Let's take those, too. Video of the brazen theft, obtained by abc news, from the new york region's port authority police. And they have a holiday warning. They are hard-working, honest people, by and large. There are some people that are tempted. Reporter: Tempted, indeed. The sting was set up after israel's airlines was getting complaints from passengers about items missing from their baggage. Jewelry, cash, laptops. Seven workers charged in the scam. At the 3 airports, there were nearly 600 reports of luggage thin two years. In minneapolis, this baggage handler is caught on tape stealing $84,000 worth of goods. It's not just airport workers doing the stealing. In phoenix, police were searching for these men, accused of plucking other people's luggage right off the carousel. That, after a 2009 case where this man and his wife were charged with stealing hundreds of bags. What can you do to protect yourself? For one thing, experts say, never pack valuables in your checked luggage. For "good morning america," pierre thomas, abc news, new york. That's an eye-opener. Maybe not a bad idea. Now, to one of the hottest

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{"id":21243890,"title":"Baggage Handler Theft: Caught on Tape","duration":"3:00","description":"Officials warn holiday travelers to be careful about what they pack in their checked luggage.","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-travel-alert-baggage-handlers-caught-tape-stealing-21243890","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}