Hundreds of JFK Airport Workers Threaten Holiday Strike

Already-busy holiday travel season could turn chaotic if security guards decide to strike.
2:33 | 12/14/12

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Transcript for Hundreds of JFK Airport Workers Threaten Holiday Strike
whole week in politics, sunday on "this week," with senator john McCain and the roundtable. It could be a record-setting holiday for retail and travel. Abc's bianna golodryga is standing by with the extremes retailers are going through to get your dollars. Let's first go to lisa stark, who is tracking the latest on why this holiday could be very licky for traveling. Lisa, good morning. Reporter: It could, indeed, amy. Traveling over the holiday is tricky and horrible, often, even in the best of times. Get a load of this. Hundreds of workers at new york city jfk airport threatening to GO ON STRIKE ON DECEMBER 20th. These are the security guards. None at the checkpoint. But they direct traffic, make sure the gates are secure. It could add to the kchaos of what will be an expensive and crowded travel time for anyone in the air. Planes will be packed. The airline trade group says 85% to 90% of the seats will be filled. And the trip will cost you 9% more according to travelocity. Nonstop prices are nearly double than what they were at the beginning of december. The average price is over $400 round-trip. That's a big bite out of someone's wallet, especially if you multiply that across several family members. Reporter: If you're on the fence to take that christmas flight, decide fast. The time to book was weeks ago. But if you haven't booked, you have to pull the trigger right now. Prices are going up, not every day, but every hour you wait. Reporter: Looking for cheaper fares, travelocity says your best bet is christmas eve and christmas day. The expensive days are december 21st and 22nd, and returning DECEMBER 30th. That could cost you an extra $500 a ticket. If you can be flexible, there's less expensive destinations, think florida, denver and los angeles. All because of fierce airline competition. Connecting flights are cheaper as are the short hops of less than an hour. Be careful of how you pack your Too many of them or too heavy, and the bag fees can cost you more than the ticket. And if you're skipping the plane and going by car, that's going to be packed, too. The roads may ber than they've been in some six years. That's because gasoline prices have plummeted. You'll play less than a dollar more a gallon than you would have last year. That's a nice christmas present. That's right. More money for shopping. Thanks so much.

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{"id":17972299,"title":"Hundreds of JFK Airport Workers Threaten Holiday Strike","duration":"2:33","description":"Already-busy holiday travel season could turn chaotic if security guards decide to strike.","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-travel-report-2012-hundreds-jfk-airport-workers-17972299","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}