Jason Statham Interview on New Film 'Parker'

The action star discusses his latest role in "Parker" and meeting co-star Jennifer Lopez.
2:47 | 01/23/13

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Transcript for Jason Statham Interview on New Film 'Parker'
jason statham. Welcome to "good morning americ america". Thank you for having me. It's a big day of stars here, including you. Dustin hoffman is a movie star. Jennifer lopez said you're the best of the best after working with you in "parker." That's complimentary. She said you were fantastic to work with. The movie is intense. You play parker, a thief with a conscience. How was that for you? The good part about this, he comes from a great line of books written by donald westlake. This is a character played before by lee marvin, mel gibson. He's very meticulously written. And you know, he's got a really admirable side to him. How was it working with jennifer lopez? It was a fantastic day to go to work with her. It really was. They call it work. Many, many days of it. You did all of your own stunts? Some limked possible. It's one of those things i have been doing for years now. I did a movie way way back with a french actor and from that day forth, I dug a big hole for myself. The resources weren't there to do things on a green screen or with special effects. I ended up doing everything in camera. From that day on, I ended up doing my own stunts. It's been that way ever since. You're really good at it. We're wondering if this is why. We uncovered photos of you. There is jason. Ouch. You were on the national team. Right around the same time. I was a diver. Thank you, sabrina. A picture of my technique, not nearly as good as yours. Look at that. Do you think that that fearlessness that you have to have as a diver when you're flinging yourself off the platform helps in movies? There's a lot of help I've gathered, some of the skills you learn. The trampoline, the gymnastics. The lack of fear from throwing yourself around from a great height. When you watch this movie, you're hanging off that building inalm beach, I saw a diver there. I saw that. I don't though. A lot of the skills you can just bring them to the stunt world. Not specific to a sort of drama or acting that you can do. But for some of the stunts, the aerial awareness can help you out. Jason statham, everybody. Check him out in "parker. Thanks for being here. Thank you for having me.

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{"id":18291853,"title":"Jason Statham Interview on New Film 'Parker'","duration":"2:47","description":"The action star discusses his latest role in \"Parker\" and meeting co-star Jennifer Lopez.","url":"/GMA/video/hollywoods-leading-man-jason-statham-18291853","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}