5 Do-It-Yourself Tips to Beautify Your Backyard

Save time with these simple ways to transform your backyard space into a party patio.
3:33 | 07/03/13

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Transcript for 5 Do-It-Yourself Tips to Beautify Your Backyard
Check that out, everybody. Right now, july 4th means time to update your outdoor scape. Tanya nayak from hgtv has five easy do-it-yourself tips to beautify your backyard. It's all about improve this. Our sponsor, lowe's, providing the patio furniture you see here. The cutest way to get your kids involved in a backyard event. Absolutely. You want to get outside. This is contact paper. I know you love contact paper. I do. My dressing room, I cover everything with it. And this is literally chalkboard. It is a chalkboard. Kids can sit at the table, like being at a restaurant, and they can play tic tac toe. And mom and dad can have a cocktail. It's not just for kids. You can have it for kids in the daytime. But at night, have a wine and cheese party. Label your cheeses. Label your wine. Right here, that's so cute. You can do your menu on the table. And the best part, when it's all over, scoop it up, throw it in the trash, easy cleanup. The next is, our sponsor, lowe's, we got great tiles. Got everything we're using, except the contact paper, from lowe's. If you're doing a project and you have extra tiles, I love this idea. Super simple and a great way to recycle. It's so fun. We're going to take it and personalize it. You can do it for each of your guests. This would be your seat right here. And this is yours, tanya. We just put a little stencil on it. Do a quick spray. And you have this right here. You can take it home. You can do with your kids. Also in the world of recycling and reinvention, ketchup bottles and mustard bottles. I love to recycle. Empty them out. Wrap same twine around it. It takes three minutes to do. Yeah. Again, these are all -- your kids are home, out of school. These are great things you can do together with your family to create a table that's one of a kind and unique. Sammy, get over here, help us. Come on over here. Come on. This is back yard blowout, sam. There's power tools involved. There's power tools involved. You know we're excited. This is a great way to add ambiance to your spice. You can add a fire pit to your place. That's an easy way. Or do diy. This is decking posts. Drill a little hole. You know what these are? They're the solar power lights. And they require no wiring. You can just do this. You'll have lighting all the time. How do you like this? Oh. I love it. That's a power tool. Lara. This is such a great ure. It really is. You don't need to plug anything in. It charges up during the day. At night, it brightens right up. We're running out of time. And this is adorable, too. This is how to make an adorable, little hanging candle holder. Supereasy, last minute. A tray, a ladle and a candle. A great outdoor spot. I love you every single one of these. And we're going to give you six other of tanya's entertaining tips. We thank lowe's for our backyard

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{"id":19564464,"title":"5 Do-It-Yourself Tips to Beautify Your Backyard","duration":"3:33","description":"Save time with these simple ways to transform your backyard space into a party patio.","url":"/GMA/video/home-improvement-tips-tips-beautify-backyard-19564464","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}