Homeless Rapper Goes Viral

Joseph Lane was spotted performing on the subway in Chicago.
1:13 | 10/03/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Homeless Rapper Goes Viral
-- This isn't Joseph -- goes by -- so low red line. He's homeless snakes about forty dollars and -- trying to make ends meet for his kids -- performing. On the Red -- platform. He said he's been doing it for years but all the talk here -- -- that and one let me break this week. A music executive spot and then there. And recorded his performance cigarettes -- you. It's. Beautiful. Hundred offended. And there was -- -- -- bull. In some way woody should be on tour -- it could happen that video -- four million views since Tuesday it was hosted by Mitt. And music executive to see house. It would do -- within a litmus test. And now it's solo red lines and song will be available on iTunes and -- go find me page has been set up by that executive. To help him. Get home I -- yeah. There is Kidd -- Brady to David Cassidy and keep doing what you love exact initially he thought and that's what he really wants to do and I believe we all can help if you like the sound of it he's did you --

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{"duration":"1:13","description":"Joseph Lane was spotted performing on the subway in Chicago.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25945558","title":"Homeless Rapper Goes Viral","url":"/GMA/video/homeless-rapper-viral-25945558"}