Formerly Homeless Woman Has Sweet Recipe to Give Back

Latrina Wilcher started the Sweet Tri Pastries Project to feed the homeless in Los Angeles.
2:55 | 11/13/14

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Transcript for Formerly Homeless Woman Has Sweet Recipe to Give Back
? Yes, there is beauty in the world. We're calling today thankful Thursday. Honoring people making a difference. Meet a 26-year-old woman with the perfect heart who found the perfect recipe for giving back. Latrina willshire is making something personal. This is Katie may's sweet potato pie. She was my grandma. Raised in Alabama. We had this pie memory in our family. Reporter: A comforting memory of her early childhood. I never knew the recipe, but I saw her make the pies. Reporter: Her journey took her through orphanages and holelessness. A tough light. But sugar and spice was in her blood. Even in the hard times, I kept connection with my grandmothers. Reporter: Twice a month she and two friends feed the homeless in downtown los Angeles. The sweet tree paste tries project. Today we have sweet potato pies, protein bars, chocolate chip cookies and water. Reporter: And the secret ingredient. The secret ingredient is love. And it's all around us. Reporter: A teachable moment for us all. And I needed a purpose. I needed to give back. And I wanted to help other people have hope. We have it over here. Thank you very much. No problem. They're supporting the ones hungry such as myself. And I'm grateful. Reporter: My mom said you can't put a limit on gratitude. The mayor of Los Angeles dropped by to give his thanks. Thank you so much. Thank you on behalf of the city. She is an angel in the city of angel. If we had 4 million of hers, he would be done tomorrow. The government needs to step up and do its part, but we as individuals have to do so also. Just beautiful to see how she interacts with the people down there. I think she understands what it means to miss out on love. Reporter: Brightening the lives of so many. I can't give them home, but a pastry and water. And that's why I love to do this. Because I care. And I love. Thank you. God bless you. We're spreading love one slice at a time. One slice at a time. And she sent a pie here. It's delicious. It is. Her grandma, what a recipe. Just one of the stories that you'll be seeing this holiday on Thanksgiving. We're bringing something called "Thank you America". Our special, honoring unsung hears at hiiiii.

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{"id":26884130,"title":"Formerly Homeless Woman Has Sweet Recipe to Give Back","duration":"2:55","description":"Latrina Wilcher started the Sweet Tri Pastries Project to feed the homeless in Los Angeles. ","url":"/GMA/video/homeless-woman-sweet-recipe-give-back-26884130","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}