'River of Fire' Creeps Closer to Hawaii Homes

The lava has spread about 15 miles through the small town of Pahoa.
0:50 | 10/30/14

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Transcript for 'River of Fire' Creeps Closer to Hawaii Homes
New tensions brewing this morning between the west and Vladimir Putin's Russia. Nato intercepted an unusual number of Russian fighter jets flying over Europe. 19 in one day. Including some over the atlantic ocean. From Britain, Germany, and Norway crscrambled in response. The secret maneuvers are putting commercial flights at risk, they say. And a military plane crash northwest of Los Angeles. Crashing in a field killing the pilot who is described as a seasoned, retired military fighter. And now to the so-called river of fire creeping even closer to the town on Hawaii's big island. Threatening 50 homes now. One structure, a shed, already up in flames. This morning, the molten lava from the kilauea volcano is close to the road. Rob Marciano got a bird's eye view. Reporter: You can see how fast it's come. By hawaiian stands, it's fast. Flowing 15 miles in the last four months. We hope it stops before getting to the town and going to the ocean. That's a history of that, but no guarantee. And the lava is less than 100 feet from one home. Many residents have evacuated. The FBI is under fire for what call an illegal search during a sports gambling bust in Las Vegas. Faking their way into three luxury villas in ceasars palace. There is a 54-page motion to dismiss what they say is illegal evidence. And in North Carolina, a man rescued after being trapped under his car for 17 hours. He veerd off a mountain road, plunging 80 feet down the hill. He was thrown from the car and it flipped and pinned his leg until someone heard his calls for help. He broke his leg, but he is okay. And the couple in this video is also okay. They're both laughing now. But for the Rome owes trying to be romantic, let this serve as a warning. When you try to sweep your bride off her feet like Chad of Arizona did, please don't do that. That's got to hurt. Oh, no. They are okay. And look at that, point out, she did not drop the bouquet. And it's victory right there. She said it proves no matter how hard you try to plan, it's impossible to plan every moment of your wedding day. And you know what? They're laughing now. It's a memory. That's right. She's an amazing bride. She cushioned his fall. Indeed, she did. Right over that threshold. Beautiful. Well, I wonder how it was for him later on that day. I'm just saying. I'm just saying. Now to the shocking video

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{"duration":"0:50","description":"The lava has spread about 15 miles through the small town of Pahoa.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26567928","title":"'River of Fire' Creeps Closer to Hawaii Homes","url":"/GMA/video/hot-lava-river-fire-creeps-closer-hawaii-homes-26567928"}