'Hot' Mom Defends Sexy Photo Against Facebook Hate

Toned and tanned Maria Kang poses with three sons with caption "what's your excuse?"
3:59 | 10/16/13

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Transcript for 'Hot' Mom Defends Sexy Photo Against Facebook Hate
stories trending. We talked about it. 16 million hits for this mom right here. She's very fit. With the caption, what's your excuse, has so many people talking. And abc's abbie boudreau talked to the fitness instructor mom, who started a facebook firestorm. Reporter: It's not just the photo, but the message, that has moms fired up. A toned and tanned maria king, posing with her three sons. And the question, what's your excuse? Do you think it was a little too aggressive? No. Reporter: The photo's already gotten more than 16 million views. And 18,000 comments and counting. Some calling her self-righteous. And a bully. Even blaming her for what's being called the body shaming problem in america. Why did you take the picture in the first place? I took the picture because i wanted to update my profile pic on facebook. Who doesn't? You know what I mean? Reporter: King swears she's just like every other mom, whose daily routine revolves around her three, young boys. But she says the one, big difference, she makes no excuses for not working out. I didn't call you fat. I didn't call you lazy. I didn't say you should look like me. I never said that. New moms barely have time for a long shower or a hot bath. The idea of finding time to workout every day is nearly impossible. So, a lot of people are insulted by this. Reporter: King exercises five or six days a week. Often with this group of sacramento moms. I don't think she's trying to preach to anybody. I think she's more so trying to inspire women. Anyone who's going to be mad is jealous and lazy. Reporter: A former fitness trainer and beauty queen, king once struggled with her own weight. And overnight, posted this photo on facebook, pointing out her excess skin. But he's not making apologies for her picture or her message. I represent a mother who is healthy and who can be a positive role model to other mothers. Reporter: For "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, sacramento, california. Let's bring in dr. Logan levkoff here. It set off the mommy wars. It's frustrating that every six months we have something that pits parents against each other. Hopefully this facilities a bigger conversation about parenting. Why did this pit -- I don't understand why it came down to that. It was looked at as big one another. I think it's in the language. There's no question that she has a gorgeous body. And that image could be inspirational and aspirational. It's the what's your excuse, that sometimes comes off as accusatory and aggressive. And I think if you're feeling a little self-conscious about yourself, that strikes a nerve with you. I don't know. I have excuses for not work out every day. If she has three boys, I can do this, I can drag my -- you can do it, too. Maybe that would be different. A question of language. There wasn't a caveat that said, let's make it work for you, too. And it's a provocative image. As a provocateur, you have to know you're going to get positive feedback and negative feedback. You can't hear the words or how they're being said. That's the thing that you are looking at it as you want to look at it. I think she was trying to inspire. I'm a mom. And I thought, I don't have an excuse, looking at that. She originally posted the picture, she noticed it was getting negative response. And she posted it with an explanation, if not an apology. I meant not to do that. And starting to -- right. Thanks. You're welcome. I like the leather and lace

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"Toned and tanned Maria Kang poses with three sons with caption \"what's your excuse?\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20585381","title":"'Hot' Mom Defends Sexy Photo Against Facebook Hate","url":"/GMA/video/hot-mom-defends-sexy-photo-facebook-hate-20585381"}