5-Hour Energy CEO Says Abuse Led to Deaths

The manufacturer says the energy drinks are safe, but can be dangerous if misused.
3:00 | 11/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 5-Hour Energy CEO Says Abuse Led to Deaths
Now, to the escalating controversy of the use of ne in energy drinks and a new line of cracker jacks. The manufacturers say these products are perfectly safe. But the fda is looking into caffeine concerns. And so is abc's jim avila. Reporter: Abc news has obtained 92 of what the fda called adverse event reports. The latest of which is an october death claim of sudden cardiac arrest. The government is founding. But the founder of 5-hour is fighting back, saying his product is not harmful. Some people swear by it. I feel more alert. I feel awake. Reporter: Others overdo it, as in these youtube videos. Chug. Chug. Reporter: But this morning, the ceo and founder of 5-hour energy drink, tells abc news that kind of abuse is the only way to hurt yourself with his product. If you had ten cups of coffee in an hour, I think you'd end up in a hospital. That would really be a dumb thing to do. Reporter: Bhargava says the deaths and hospitalizations, recording to the fda because of his 5-hour energy drink was because the product was abused. Not because it's dangerous. They have to say that. They have to investigate. That's their job. Reporter: How much caffeine is really in 5-hour energy? A two-ounce bottle contains 207 milligrams, equivalent to two eight-ounce cups of coffee. Or six cokes. That's a lot. But nowhere near the amount considered a lethal dose. About 5,000 milligrams. That's 50 cups of coffee o 500 shots of 5-hour energy. More than most could physically drink. Is there any risk to a healthy person drinking your product? Not at all. None. Reporter: While the label says those under 12 should not drink its product, this morning another caffeine controversy is brewing with a familiar product favored by children. The maker of cracker jack says it will release an adult version of the snack with cine baked in, set to hit stores in early 2013. Frito lay says the product line will not be marketed to children. The package line is different from cracker jack. No prize inside that cracker jack. Reporter: The surprise might be the caffeine. Jim avila, thanks so much. Guys, thanks. We have the latest twist in the manhunt for the software

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{"id":17737421,"title":"5-Hour Energy CEO Says Abuse Led to Deaths","duration":"3:00","description":"The manufacturer says the energy drinks are safe, but can be dangerous if misused.","url":"/GMA/video/hour-energy-investigation-ceo-abuse-led-deaths-17737421","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}