'Housewives' Star's Book Dishes on Behind the Scenes Drama

Caroline Manzo previews her new book, "Let Me Tell You Something."
3:48 | 03/25/13

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Transcript for 'Housewives' Star's Book Dishes on Behind the Scenes Drama
We all know caroline manzo as the straight-talking voice of reason on the housewives of new jersey." Let me tell you something about my family. We're thick as thieves. You lie. You're lying right now. I'm not lying. Great, I'm done. I'm done. That's it. Now, she's telling all in her new book, "let me tell you something" life as a real housewife, tough mother, and street-smart businesswoman. Congratulations on the book. Thank you. It's a great advice book. Why did you decide to come clean, so to speak? It really was because of the viewers. I get asked these questions over and over again. I decided to put them in a book through my life, rather than saying this is a memoir. WHO AM I TO WRITE A ólDMEMOIR, Fwhu number one. I have no degree in psychology. I took their question, incorporated them into my life, and answered them. There's not a lot I feel like I don't know. But you share a lot of behind-the-scenes scoop for fans. You talk about how you have kept a wonderful marriage going for 28 years? Approaching 29 in july. What advice would you give? What is the secret to your happy marriage? We never forgot that we're boyfriend and girlfriend. He's my husband first, and we're mom and dad second. I know that sounds horrible. It's visible on the show that i adore any children. But I adore my husband more. At the end of the day, when i turn around, my kids are grown and married, I don't want to look at a stranger. We're very cognizant of that. We keep the connection together always. You're really honest about infidelity in the book. In fact, it's raised some questions. Right. You talk about whether or not either of you has cheated. You sort of say, I don't know, i don't care. If it didn't happen yesterday, I am not worried about it. I have a good man. We have a good marriage. We've built a tremendous life together. We're together since we're 19 years old. I think logically. Do the math. The odds are just as much against him. So, like, lay off the guy and like, just -- go with it that the odds are against each other. But the marriage is strong and solid. It's my crazy mind thinking, what if, that's all. Season five? Season five. When last we left you all, things were a little intense. Especially with theresa. Where are you now? I will have the big bravo machine on my back if I say anything more than it's an unpredictable season. I can sit in the room with all of them. It's so volatile. You don't know who is going to blow? It's not that you don't know who is going blow. The things change so quickly. There's a lot of self-reflection. A lot of laughter. A lot of tears. There's a loot of drama, obviously. I always say we can never top ourselves, but we do. I speak to that in the book. Sounds like you have described the book. There are certain moments on the show, I look back and say, gee, that's not the caroline that I know. I talk about that. This season, I say it all the time, we're never going to be able to top it. We're never going to be able to top it. Well, we did. That's a good tease. The book is, "let me tell you something." Test Text1 plain

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{"id":18806443,"title":"'Housewives' Star's Book Dishes on Behind the Scenes Drama","duration":"3:48","description":"Caroline Manzo previews her new book, \"Let Me Tell You Something.\"","url":"/GMA/video/housewives-star-caroline-manzo-book-dishes-scenes-drama-18806443","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}