'HTGAWM' Star Karla Souza Dishes on Shocking Episode

The actress who plays Laurel Castillo on the ABC hit series "How to Get Away With Murder" is live in Times Square!
2:58 | 10/19/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'HTGAWM' Star Karla Souza Dishes on Shocking Episode
Here now with Karla Souza on ABC's hit thriller "How to get away with murder." We'll chat with her in a minute. But first here's an exclusive sneak peek just for us at tomorrow's new episode. There's some concern with smoke inhalation. What does that mean? She going to die? You need to keep your voice down. I could get in a lot of trouble for telling you this. I want it make sure she's okay. I'm sorry. I know and I promise you I'll tell you everything I can, okay? Hello. Huge omg moment. I know. Were you as surprised when you were at the table read as viewers were. Yes, I was pregnant. What do you mean? She hasn't -- give her a boyfriend. Like someone, you know and now every episode is who is the father? I still don't know who the father is. I was just about to mention something that you did on Twitter. You asked fans who they thought the father was and so far frank is leading. He is leading. Landslide. I just say why not do a composite of Wes laurel baby and laurel frank baby and see what the babies would look like and so then maybe -- It's like a whole voting process. We're in the season. Why not? I love this idea. So let me ask you a question. The big hashtag is under the sheet. My producer is a giant fan of your show and wanted me to ask you this. Under the sheet meaning who is dead. Nothing to do with sleeping together. Who's the dead person on the gurney? Can you give us even a smidgen of a hint? My goodness. I get so nervous that I'm going to say the wrong thing. I don't want to do that. Yeah, of course, basically it is going to be heartbreaking. Who do you think it is? I don't know. Yeah. I just figured -- it's heartbreaking. It really is. That eliminates a couple of people. Yeah, for sure. You're not like, oh, laurel, it's great. It's not laurel. Yeah, I think it was very -- it's a great story line. It's great for plot and everything but it's our lives, it's our livelihood. It's our jobs so we're all like, can you tell us so I start auditioning for other things and it was almost like a reality TV show how we all started typing out -- Do they give you travel counsel, things like -- No. That would be terrible. Thank you, that's -- it's heartbreaking for you behind-the-scenes but thinking that was also a clue in there too. Also for the fans. I just want to say, we got to go but I loved looking on Instagram. Your cast looks like genuinely like friends. We've had them on the show much. Wouldn't it be the best publicity stunt if we weren't friends? You got to check it out. Thank you for the sneak peek.

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{"id":42895823,"title":"'HTGAWM' Star Karla Souza Dishes on Shocking Episode","duration":"2:58","description":"The actress who plays Laurel Castillo on the ABC hit series \"How to Get Away With Murder\" is live in Times Square!","url":"/GMA/video/htgawm-star-karla-souza-dishes-shocking-episode-42895823","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}