Hulk Hogan Reveals the One Wrestling Move He Couldn't Master

'Hulkamania' returns to WWE as The Hulkster set to host WrestleMania 30.
3:00 | 04/01/14

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Transcript for Hulk Hogan Reveals the One Wrestling Move He Couldn't Master
Hello I'm -- and nine and and this is newsmakers from ABC news and Yahoo! News. He was the biggest name -- the height of World Wrestling Entertainment. Whose fame transcended the pop culture status and now hope hope it. Bring the red and yellow back to WW -- the planes -- Hulk a mania was born. -- sixty hours since your last appearance on WW EU return back in February. What was it like walking into the crap out and what made you decide to return. Came around the corner -- very musicals plan. If you run a powerful -- -- behind a 747 are quite like blown away by the year. So a lot of yes your back it's works it's crazy -- And so on. I was home owners first but once I heard that always -- I've told the energy and Green Bay in -- -- fog of modern -- what wobble that you know. Got both feet under the tree I was holdco. Notes refer -- house reform -- -- -- the review of the WW verse. You know so I came back because. And. Timing was perfect -- on the moon the stars all the -- resort -- Atlanta your local radio in this crime. What a great time to come back -- the vehicle is the family considering -- And the grandfather and father of -- -- all have something ominous -- and whose only. And they all know the WW universe you'll talk America. There you -- don't have jump back into perfect you know. You've said you're not for now you're not going back into the ring to fight but you've also said never say never what do you think it'll take to bring you back into the -- will it ever happen. The rustling. -- part of the job descriptions arm around. And so a former sultan -- two weeks ago -- and here comes mr. -- -- maniac woman's blood and came out and just went crazy and told me how -- -- involvement was taken back to Mexico are grown from about guys. Our family are no they're supposed to stay on the floor. But also -- honoring Abraham sort of fuels. Crazy Bob again program. The school's -- people. Here you've got to get some really formidable competitors Andre the Giant rowdy Roddy Piper he held her own with many but whether any matches -- moves by your opponents that frightened you. -- -- and you're worried about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- trying to pick on radio. It was a scary -- you know because he didn't. -- a few times -- didn't you know just get -- much weight up and turning it you know -- steroids by substantial reason it's. That's that's here but there were there were certain things you know back in the day -- -- Jimmy -- Had these really big 450 Congo's justice John Paul went on it -- to no matter how hard Newbury Street got ready and stool -- situation. Over the decades of WWE we've seen so many different wrestling moves whether from yourself -- your competitors. You say was the most difficult move -- where -- any moves that you set out to do but just could never master. Sending -- -- Brooklyn dropped him. Earlier mark Perot into the top few charms apparently a lot and -- it up there you know and then when trying to break in the business and try to -- -- arms and that's -- -- me how. These guys -- super super athletes -- -- now. You were known for so long as all American wrestler that you kind of did a 180 and you went to the dark side as Hollywood Hogan in the leading leading a group and W. What do you remember about your -- -- hard sort of turning into the bad guy. What was there was -- because you know. The stuff outside the ring meant so much sewage goes before -- -- came along. I was the number one -- -- slow reform Michael assured him Michael Jackson mysteries to you Mickey Mouse in the -- -- -- -- me. For their wish and so. To turn in the hall who would hold here and still have that. -- old school mentality and we hadn't told we transition into entertainment. You know I would do all these evil things in the -- Goldman about -- also in the have to walk the bullies always kids in -- -- gross want to take pictures it was tough. But I had to be the ultimate bad guy and and now. The kids love -- -- about -- some arsenal fans -- Paula the program so much that I would be -- for our site and Barbara sheriff's just. Different now that we -- -- -- that the people notes entertainment's really -- to understand what we're doing. You -- inducted into the hall of fame in 2000 by the now mr. teen whom you've known for -- yeah I'm so excited. Are you any yeah you're going to be introducing him I hope so really I've thrown my -- here. But you know mr. -- -- people close to organizations. A lot of family members and piper will probably fight over. And -- conduct against. He's the -- her you know but we're just so glad to have him he deserves -- he is like the main civil point. The transition this whole craziness and entertainment. And it wasn't easy for him he was walking into blinds down. And there are a lot of people at piper warned -- who -- diverted. But he did not dig the stock -- actor was coming into their business so there's lot more stuff. Edgy stuff the a lot of people did know about other Olmert fiscal Russell Brand new -- Honolulu as a referendum. I don't know overwrought either Billy Martin there was a lot of -- and it was. -- transition occurred there a lot of moving parts -- shifted. And made us what we are today it she is. Mosul responsible for that entertainment transition. What do you ultimately want to be known for. -- hundred years from now. Maybe a thousand years from now. You know I would like people -- governor out of some of -- -- -- -- remembered as a. He got great energy -- I've got to say -- and good relations you are breaking it and up one -- if we were both in the ring who he think would win. -- -- -- -- I just started bodies two days ago I do what you don't be dead -- because they always. But the young people with how you heard that first reimburses -- no competition that you what will sleep rule ravishing marina. -- that coroner. Rick Perry -- her eye opener.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"'Hulkamania' returns to WWE as The Hulkster set to host WrestleMania 30.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23140349","title":"Hulk Hogan Reveals the One Wrestling Move He Couldn't Master","url":"/GMA/video/hulk-hogan-reveals-wrestling-move-master-23140349"}