Human Rights Foundation Slams Mariah Carey for Angola Concert

Pop singer causes stir by performing for "corrupt" Angolan President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos.
3:00 | 12/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Human Rights Foundation Slams Mariah Carey for Angola Concert
We continue with mariah carey in the wrong find of spotlight. Taking money from a dictator that's allegedly ordered the deaths of journalists and activists. And this isn't the first time. ♪ I don't want a lot for christmas ♪ Reporter: For christmas this year, mariah carey is getting a stocking full of cash and a side of controversy. ♪ All I want for christmas is you ♪ Reporter: The pop sensation, on thin ice this morning after allegedly banking $1 million for a live performance in angola earlier this week. ♪ performing for angolan president jose eduardo dos santos, a man the human rights foundation called a corrupt tyrant. They are slamming the songstress for supporting one of africa's chief human rights violators. Even circulating this pic, showing mariah with the dictator and his family. Why take that money? But then, to anyone else, they're not being offered $1 million. Reporter: It's not the diva's first brush with the dictator. Five years ago, she performed for the family of libyan dictator moammar gadhafi. Later apologizing saying, I feel horrible and embarrassed to have participated in this mess. In the past, other musicians, including 50 cent, usher and even beyonce, have also reportedly accepted lucrative gigs, performing for members of the gadhafi family. But later donated the that money. ♪ Happy, mr. President ♪ Reporter: That's jennifer lopez, back in july, singing directly to the president of turkmenistan, a country human rights watch calls one of the world's most repressed. She later apologized. This morning, critics are calling mariah's performance anything but heroic. Now, when this all happened with the gadhafi family back in 2008, mariah said, quote, going forward, this is a lesson for all artists to learn from, end quote. We reached out to mariah's camp. And so far, lara, they are not commenting.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Pop singer causes stir by performing for \"corrupt\" Angolan President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21289603","title":"Human Rights Foundation Slams Mariah Carey for Angola Concert","url":"/GMA/video/human-rights-foundation-slams-mariah-carey-angola-concert-21289603"}