'Humans of New York' a Photographic Melting Pot of the City

Brandon Stanton documents strangers' lives, posts on Facebook.
5:40 | 10/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Humans of New York' a Photographic Melting Pot of the City
Hell is other people a philosopher once and some days in New York City it's really hard to disagree. When the huddled masses make it impossible to breathe free when it feels like you vs eight million -- -- But if you can break the crowd into pieces and then break the stone faced armor until the honesty spills out. The city it's often. When you learn that he wishes he'd gone to college or that she is still reeling from. Broken engagement and that his prostate cancer makes -- sad and afraid. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We learned that she is mad because he didn't call -- after the game -- that she's happy because -- dressed up and carried the picnic basket. Or that his dad is a strong firemen who once saved eleven -- eleven and how can you not love this time. Not -- Humans of New York a photographic melting pot and joy and pain. Wisdom. He feels and how those who -- cuteness. And there are brought to you by this human in New York lovable guy. -- -- -- -- -- To -- -- -- if you just like that some an artist for the history books he's approached over 101000 strangers this way you want -- to talk about. -- Good and what they give him -- shared on FaceBook millions of times a day. There is a limited knowledge of camera settings. Photoshop software his first book is about to land a top the best seller list pretty incredible considering that -- -- half years ago he was a stressed out bond trader in Chicago but then two events -- life. First -- got a real camera. And then he got fired I woke up I lost my job I woke up. Now I'm fired I have all of this -- -- energy to put in any direction I want and what he wanted was to take pictures of interest in the strangers. My mom basically thought this is -- were -- way of not working. And -- you know parents reflect both brands brands in New York taking pictures of people on the street and putting my FaceBook. We're so proud of them could. So you know here I am. Doing this all day long. With absolutely nothing shall report -- of this went on for six months -- photographed every single a photograph on Christmas C a photograph on Christmas. -- photographed on New Year's deep into your state alternate law. It's a decent shots in the early days and built the modest following -- Denny started actually talking to his subjects. And much to his surprise -- -- that people are more willing to open up to a stranger with a camera that even their best. Friends she said when my husband was dying I city -- How -- supposed to live without you. And he said take the love you have for me. And spread her out. And her voice kind of equipment and the rain was coming down as -- thank you very much hyped up I turn the corner. We started posting these. -- little vignettes along with the photos -- following exploded. Five follow you on my FaceBook feed. There's a completely different feel like get from what you put up as opposed to even with some of my best friend. It's now because everything on social -- and injuries and some stagehands. Cushion to get everybody's highlight -- social media is secondary when I'm having these conversations on the street you kind. Giving them the full spectrum the insecurities the tragedy. Yeah -- your humanity. So how does he do it well over time he's learned that it's not what you -- it was stranger. -- sick it's all about the energy to get off. And for me on the streets of New York that's about making yourself as non threatening genuine and you know natural as possible he's. His approach so well two out of every three say yes. And he knows just how popular that yes will be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He -- it all RA and -- else fourteen seconds sixty likes. I'm only four seconds -- 164. That's incredible person that one. And this community gives more than just likes case in point the time he -- little boy selling a blanket full of -- supplies. So he could buy a horse. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And she can't she started crying she says we live in a small New York apartment when he needs is a dog. So we asked his whole when he followers to kick in a few bucks to send roomy to a dude ranch. And in less than an hour at 30000 dollars in donations. And looked right at it. It's easy to mock the old cultures the -- Cameron can steal the sole. But -- New York is -- kind of photography that makes you wonder. -- -- -- And if it makes you think differently about that passing stranger in your big city. Small town I -- smiled -- just don't -- that's hard to help. That makes friends and -- And who -- tonight. New York City.

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{"duration":"5:40","description":"Brandon Stanton documents strangers' lives, posts on Facebook.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20563675","title":"'Humans of New York' a Photographic Melting Pot of the City","url":"/GMA/video/humans-york-photographic-melting-pot-city-20563675"}