Deadly Flooding Hits the East Coast

South Carolina's governor says the area is enduring its worst rain "in 1,000 years."
3:03 | 10/05/15

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Transcript for Deadly Flooding Hits the East Coast
Let's look live right now at Columbia, South Carolina. This storm so Ress. You see the water piling up right there. A house in South Carolina almost completely underwater right there. The flooding extends up to new Jersey. This home washed away as well. It's not over yet. Look at the map. Flash flood warning right now right up the coast. The storm being blamed for at least seven deaths. Hundreds of people rescued from years. That's how big this is. Reporter: Hundreds of evacuations. Nearly 30,000 without power. Officials about rate missing 600 members of the National Guard. As rivers reached their highest level in decades. This high school football fielding look like a stadium pool. The conditions fatal, with at least seven deaths so far across the Carolinas believed to be related to the storm. Drones capturing the swollen roads from above. Nearly 75 miles of I-95 shut down in both directions. Officials urging residents to stay off the roads. In Columbia, watch as one man loses control of his pickup. A good samaritan wading out to rescue him. Kicking out the back window and staying with the driver until crews could arrive. Trained rescuers not even safe. We've had a west Columbia firefighter swept away. They've lost visual contact. Reporter: Not one, but two firefighters swept away. Both okay now. We've recoverered our firefighter. He's in the truck with me. He's a little cold, a little skrachd up. Hell, yeah! Reporter: The coast guard lifting mom and her 15-month-old daughter to higher ground. Probably the most terrifying moment of my life. That far up was incredibly frightening. But we made it. Reporter: That family, the muellers, very much shaken. Very much relieved when I spoke to them last night. They have to stay in the hotel another three, four days. Unsure if they have a home to go back to. So many flood victims with the same anxiety this morning. George? We go a couple miles -- hours

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{"id":34252353,"title":"Deadly Flooding Hits the East Coast","duration":"3:03","description":"South Carolina's governor says the area is enduring its worst rain \"in 1,000 years.\"","url":"/GMA/video/hundreds-evacuate-south-carolina-flash-floods-34252353","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}