'Hunger Games' Star Jennifer Lawrence Says She Almost Turned Down Role of 'Katniss'

The Oscar winning actress talks red carpet looks and maintaining a private life in Hollywood.
3:00 | 11/21/13

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Transcript for 'Hunger Games' Star Jennifer Lawrence Says She Almost Turned Down Role of 'Katniss'
Just a day away from the opening of "catching fire." The girl on fire herself, oscar winner jennifer lawrence is with us this morning. And back as katniss, the hunger games victor. Back against bigger danger than she could ever have imagined. Take a look. Did you ever complete a simple task. What are you talking about? Who? He didn't see me? He's ringing the bell in the district. You should have told me that before I went out there and tried to give people their money. I'm sorry. I didn't know what to do. Katniss, what were you thinking? Please, just help us get through this. We are so excited to have with us right now, jennifer lawrence. J. Law joining us live here on "good morning america." You look so good. How are you? Warm up a little bit. I know. I have to go outside. We'll leave the door open. Exactly. Might as well. It's great to have you here. Some of your cast mates, your friends coming by this week. It's almost here. I know. It's happening. It's bigger than ever. Everyone's talking about it. The arena is bigger. All of that. How do you feel a day before the big premiere? Everybody waiting for it. I'm normally clueless when the movie's coming out. We do so many premieres. But it's real exciting because I'm so proud of it. I was so excited when I saw it. I think it's such a great movie. When you see everybody, excited at all of the premieres. I like it. Yeah, they will. They were at the premiere last night in new york. And we have fans lining up here at 1:00 in the morning, to see And it's just -- it's really -- it's caught on fire. No pun intended. But I understand that you thought at one point, you didn't want to be involved with this because you didn't want to -- you know, you thought you would be bored with the character. Mostly, I just thought it took some more thought than just ki of a -- a lot of times just saying yes to something will completely change your life. So, I had to think about it for a few days and make sure. Yeah, that was something. I'll probably have fun on the first movie and be bored for the rest of them. I'm so relieved and so excited. The group of people is so fun, it feels like going back. And also, her journey keeps getting more and more exciting. Not bored. The story line definitely is not. And there's similarities with katniss' journey and yours. She's a reluctant victor. And you're the same way. Not really wanting all of the accolades with being the star you have become. The stakes are a lot lower, in my life. Than katniss. I don't know. I mean, I'm just like -- I just feel so -- most of my friends are like trying to figure out what they're trying to do. I feel lucky, that I'm doing what I love. And I can do that whatever. I feel really lucky. Whatever comes along with it is just a part of it. This is part of it. All the people that come out to see you. The premieres and that.At the l.A. Premiere, you became quite ill. Was it a scary moment? What happened? I was getting bad abdominal pains for three weeks. I did that thing, where I'm not going to go to the doctor. I had a day when I need to get this looked at. Now, it's reported in the news i went to the emergency room for gas, which is awesome. I know, let's confirm that. I know you were joking around on the late-night shows about that. It was a scary moment. It could be my lower intestine or all in my mind. I'm going to cross my fingers that it's all in my mind and I'm just crazy. You have so much going on. You have been outspoken. Josh and liam. They all say, the word they use, unfiltered. That's you. Right. And you're the prankster on the set? Yeah. I'm not creative enough to do actual ranks. I think I'm just mean to everybody. She's such a pranker. I'm serious. When we watch the movies, we buckled down and did a movie. We're so busy punching each other. And having fun. Playing this game. What game is it? If you look at the circle, i get to punch you. And if you break it, you can punch me. And if I watch your finger, you can punch me. And we went through a whole scene we were doing it. Did you see -- yeah. You have all of the bruises. They take it easy on me when I have press tours because i have bare arms. And the costumes. And the dress you wore in l.A. On the red carpet. Somebody from our audience was asking questions. Was that your favorite, that look right there? At the l.A. -- No. I wouldn't say that. I think anytime a girl has to show her thighs, it's never going to be her favorite look. I loved it. I love the dress. That's what we appreciate about you. It's hard for a woman to look at a picture of herself. You talked about this. And you're very outspoken. We appreciate you talking about it. It's become a sport being mean about people about how they dress, what they look like. Let's cut it out. Yeah. It's become funny to make fun of each other. And I also don't like women slaughtering women. Just being so mean. We're responsible for the younger generation of media. It's what the kids are watching. Teaching people how to talk to each other and relate to each other. I don't like it. Why can't we just be nice? It's like we grow up. And we get right back into high school. It does seem that way. It's great when someone like you steps up like that. One final question. You are getting a lot of love, e hair. A lot of people on twitter, what was the motivation behind cutting the hair? I don't know. I was just, like, I'm cutting it. And then, it was just all gone. Thank you very much. You have a busy day. And take care of yourself. Yeah. You can see "the hunger games: Catching fire" nationwide tomorrow.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The Oscar winning actress talks red carpet looks and maintaining a private life in Hollywood. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20963498","title":"'Hunger Games' Star Jennifer Lawrence Says She Almost Turned Down Role of 'Katniss'","url":"/GMA/video/hunger-games-star-jennifer-lawrence-turned-role-katniss-20963498"}