Hurricane Harvey continues to linger over Texas while dumping record rain

People are trapped in flooded homes and take to social media for help.
4:35 | 08/27/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hurricane Harvey continues to linger over Texas while dumping record rain
Let's get to the breaking news. Harvey provoking an unfolding flooding disaster in America's fourth largest city, Houston, Texas. The situation is unfortunately dire. People trapped in their flooded-out homes. They're taking to their attics. Taking to social media begging for a rescue. There's a diabolical situation here. Tornadoes touching down all over the area, which could make the attic a dangerous play to be. Making matters worse, the storm likely to stick around for days upon days, dumping more and more rain. Exacerbating the flooding already happening. Hampering officials from getting out to make those rescues. This is an entire highway that is is underwater. Meanwhile, this morning, a clearer sense of the catastrophic damage inflicted when Harvey came ashore as a ferocious category4 hurricane. We start here are rob Marciano, on the ground in port lavaca, Texas. Reporter: Good morning. Our worst fears are unfolding. The second punch of the one-two punch now hitting east Texas. Houston getting the brunt of it. You see the storm surge and wind damage from yesterday. Now, already, we is have 20-plus inches of rain falling in the Houston area. A life-threatening situation unfolding with all those rescues, over 1,000 so far. In the middle of the night, again, frightening situation happening in the darkness. I can only imagine what those poor people and first responders are having to go through. The center of this thing is just to the west of us. Everything to the east and north is where the -- worst situation is is as far as the heavy, heavy rain. You see it streaming off the gulf of Mexico. Multiple bands of just thick, thick rainfall. Rainfall rates, six, seven inches an hour at times. Two feet in 24 hours in some spots. That will continue today and through tonight as well. Going right through tomorrow morning, we think. Another 12 inches potentially on top of the 20 that has fallen just within the last 12 to 24 hours. The waters are rising across the Houston metropolitan area. It's a life-threatening, flash flood emergency unfolding as we speak. Let's get to Victor Oquendo live on the scene. Reporter: Good morning, rob. We're standing next to an exit ramp right off the highway. Where down this way, more than 20 feet of rain has accumulated. One Ster we spoke with says he's never seen anything like this. Overnight, the situation if Houston getting dire. Torrential rains pattering America's fourth largest city. Reports of people trapped inside their homes. A local police chief live-streaming throughout the night. Is is anybody up there wants to do? You guys okay? Reporter: Officials rescuinging more than 1,000 residents. Any kids? Two kids. All right. You got the baby? Reporter: Unable to get to everyone. It breaks your heart for our city. Reporter: Some residents wading through waist-high waters, doing everything they can to get to safety. More than 20 inches in some areas. Let me tell you, it is dropping a lot of water. And the streets are treacherous. Reporter: Cars submerged. Officials telling people to stay inside and off the roads. It makes absolutely no sense for anyone to be out on the road. Unless it's an emergency. Reporter: More than seven inches of rain falling per hour. Houston, home to more than 2 million people, now facing historic flooding. There is is the potential for very dramatic flooding. Reporter: The area could get another foot of rain by the end of the day. Take a a look what's happening. White water rapids are forming on the street. We have seen barrels flowing down here. A lot of emergency vehicles on the street, as well. Not safe out here. Houston is underwater this morning. Dan? Victor, thank you. Appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"People are trapped in flooded homes and take to social media for help.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49447953","title":"Hurricane Harvey continues to linger over Texas while dumping record rain","url":"/GMA/video/hurricane-harvey-continues-linger-texas-dumping-record-rain-49447953"}