Hurricane Matthew Pounds the Southeast Coast

ABC News' Rob Marciano reports on the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew and safety tips those in the storm's path need to know.
3:14 | 10/07/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hurricane Matthew Pounds the Southeast Coast
Now with the latest on hurricane Matt do you wouldn't you take a live look at Jacksonville Florida. See the high winds and rain. And they're bracing for the storm but we're gonna go back to rob in South Carolina and rob you have some serious warnings for everyone that's in the storms. Yeah Michael you know we have got about 24 hours pros -- brunt of the storm hits here or in the low country of South Carolina which means that we're just a few seats. From the war we've got Three Rivers and a harbor the kind of converge on Charleston so very susceptible. To storm shared some thoughts for you now on what you should do and where you should be. When the storm hits. This is where you do not want to be as hurricane Matthew strikes. Overnight the storms rage sparking this dangerous electrical explosion. As Matthew pounds the coast of Florida. These renderings a preview of what the damage could look like any Cape Canaveral the main concern storm search which could get as high as eleven feet. And those surging waters posing a life threatening risk to Jersey explain. Say your inside a home at the coast and this is what it may look like the water approaching quickly and viciously. Entering your home and winding up the walls and the storm surge combines the high tides that happen either water and data Kate found making it behind me. Made it back to life and property from her. That's why more than three million were told to evacuate the coast. To have someone die by this morning you have to you. He explained that lawn watering your house was pretty scary. As a storm makes its way up the East Coast another big right flying debris. Watch this lab simulation of a piece of wood thrown at hurricane force. Experts say you can protect your home and your family. By boarding those windows up with plywood or installing impact resistant glass. All right so we've got the storms urged the wind. But also like like doctor nabbed sad that we also have to deal with inland flooding and nine out of ten deaths in hurricanes are from the water not just a storm surge. But also the rainfall Mac combination especially in Georgia and South Carolina. Is going to be potentially deadly because this is where the rainfall really is going to be squeezed out and we have a kind of up front in the jet stream that's going to interact with Matthews so. We expect to see over ten inches of rainfall in this area in the next 24. The really even 48 hours and categorize these rivers that all funneled down here and you've got that onshore flow in the way that. The coastline is shape it's kind of a pocket there. Net persistent east wind has really gonna pileup and build bulldoze that that storm surge so seven to eleven. Dangerous situation not going to be unfolding here in the next 2436 hours on talked about you guys are so tight SA BU you are from eyewitness Gerri I have met her zine Charleston. This desolate. Practically nobody here it's fairly Ingraham. And as you know that's a good thing I remember when I lived there might elevation on my house was nine C talk about those storm surge as you see what can happen and ginger showed it so well so everyone. Get out while you still can and rob thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"ABC News' Rob Marciano reports on the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew and safety tips those in the storm's path need to know.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42638370","title":"Hurricane Matthew Pounds the Southeast Coast","url":"/GMA/video/hurricane-matthew-pounds-southeast-coast-42638370"}