Superstorm Sandy Victims Hit With Nor'easter

Areas ravaged last week by Sandy were hit with winds and snow.
3:00 | 11/08/12

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Transcript for Superstorm Sandy Victims Hit With Nor'easter
That nor'easter slamming the region the same region her ravaged by hurricane sandy. -- are extreme weather team are covering at all inside the -- -- we start with Sam Champion -- Sam. Last night 46 inches this snow in New York City and you can see as the temperatures come up this morning -- in midtown are already clear -- -- storm. Fifty to seventy mile per hour winds up to thirteen into the snow coming from this -- Take a look at the top performers these the areas that picked up the most -- -- by the way quick look at the live shot this morning from Foxborough Massachusetts. Because inland areas are still dealing as we start to move northeast with some of that snow but. Here's the top performers that are collecting that thirteen and the highest total that we could find and certainly the numbers kind of stepped down from there -- wit that's hotels they go on central park at four point seven officially that makes the six -- -- November on record just with that. -- -- -- -- -- -- That -- aware that snow seemed to be deposited. Just inland now that top New Jersey total it's just about thirty miles fifteen to thirty miles off the shoreline New Jersey so in -- areas really collecting the snow. But the big concern is what was gonna happen to the areas they've just been -- -- one storm and then get pounded by another are ginger -- -- in. Well standing right there on the Jersey -- good morning ginger. Good morning cannot -- the new York and actually the pictures that we have shown you of the twisted metal. -- -- that is lying in heat that was people's lives now -- with a press two to three inches of snow it's warm just an icy hiccup for those hundreds of thousands displaced and the tens of thousands trying to get these communities back to normal. Overnight just nine days after Sandy's insult it seemed like mother nature. Was adding a whole lot of injury to the East Coast. A record breaking nor'easter for any straight in the heart of -- devastation. The storm dumping over a foot of snow in New Jersey. Eight inches of snow in Massachusetts. And ten in Connecticut. The wet wintry mix -- howling winds of over sixty miles per hour and with it. More downed trees and electrical lines. Power was knocked out in new York and New Jersey for nearly 60000 victims of sandy who had just gotten it back. Adding to the 700000. Who still are without power since last week -- -- heat. -- -- heat -- my -- the storm brought highways to a standstill grounded 17100 flights. And a proper long island rail -- one of the country's biggest commuter rails to a screeching halt. Leaving thousands of rush hour commuters stranded for hours I want to go -- let's -- by the nature and access -- in low lying neighborhoods in New Jersey where once again forced to evacuate cops are going around telling us that we have to evacuate immediately -- gonna put us where -- human beings the snowfall even -- FEMA and the Red Cross has relief efforts -- of one of the hardest hit areas of Staten Island leaving many behind amidst the frozen Dupree says. Awful and this is just beyond these terrible it's awful it's screaming I'm done. The man standing behind my camera right now told me this morning when I got here they feel is a Long Island he's one of the thousands that lost power. Again last night that heavy wet snow is snapping all the -- And the trees around ten heavy wet snow is where we find -- -- got then he's in Wallingford Connecticut with more than ten inches right -- That's right ginger good morning and this is what record snow fall feels like it's what it's heavy and very very dangerous now record of ten inches here in -- in for check this out this handy stick its. About a foot deep here about ten -- here. That's causing two -- on the roadways dozens of accidents now the governor of this stated to inspect every single. DOT crew out there to try to clean up the roads that we've seen some power sagging power lines in some sagging trees but so far no major damage.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Areas ravaged last week by Sandy were hit with winds and snow.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17670120","title":"Superstorm Sandy Victims Hit With Nor'easter","url":"/GMA/video/hurricane-sandyfollowed-noreaster-superstorm-victims-hit-snow-17670120"}