Ice Storms Delay Flights at Dallas Airport

Passengers camped out on the plane waiting for conditions to clear up.
3:00 | 12/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ice Storms Delay Flights at Dallas Airport
We want to begin with the deadly winter blast that's left thousands in a deep freeze all across the country. Frigid temperatures, ice, and snow. Welcome wabc's chief meteorologist lee goldberg. Good morning, sir. That ice is getting old. Now it's starting to make the way east. That's why we're seeing the snow, ice, and rain blossom across parts of the tennessee and ohio valley. You have icing in nashville, london, kentucky. Snow in charlesson, west virginia. Throughout the day, the icing along the piedmont. It's a quick hit of snow for places like d.C., Philly, up to new york city. Maybe a couple of inches before you see changeover to freezing rain and eventually rain. The monday morning commute that is probably icy. Allow extra time for that. Meanwhile, even though the storminess has left the shout, the cold is locked in. We're below freezing in dallas. A freezing fog advisory. We'll tell you the timing on the thaw, the western chill, the eastern storm. There's plenty of weather. Thank you, lee. Ground cizero in this mess is dallas. The airport has turned into a challenge. Abc's mike boettcher is at dallas ft. Worth international with the latest. Reporter: This storm hit here 48 hours ago. If you're a passenger here at dfw airport or just driving to your destination, you're still feeling the effects. The ice fell. But the ice did not melt. A record arctic air mas has kept dallas and ft. Worth cleeping along. Portions of major highways are shut down. I-35 north of dallas is backed up for miles. Overnight, police halts 18-wheeler traffic along the iciest roads. At dallas-ft. Worth international art, 90% of flights are canceled. Thousands of passengers left stranded, some for days. I've been close to be starting to begin to be frustrated here. Reporter: One traveler documented his experience. My piece of real estate that I have had for three days. Reporter: Showing 1 of the 4,000 cots and blankets the airport has provided. How long have you been stranded here? Since yesterday, 8:00 a.M. Reporter: Patience is wearing thin. I don't think they were prepared. Reporter: Friday night, hundreds had to be evacuated from this flight stuck on the ice. And for the first time in44 years, the dallas marathon was canceled. Now the ice storm is also affecting the abc dallas family. Our producer, dee, was supposed to be here with me this morning. But she went off in a dutch. She's waiting for a tow truck. And I hope she packed a sandwich. It's going to be awhile. Dan? Bianna? We hope she's okay, mike. She is. People in this part of the country that I grew up in are not used to this. We wish the best for the folks down there.

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{"id":21139607,"title":"Ice Storms Delay Flights at Dallas Airport","duration":"3:00","description":"Passengers camped out on the plane waiting for conditions to clear up.","url":"/GMA/video/ice-storms-delay-flights-dallas-airport-21139607","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}