Identical triplets try 3 high-intensity workouts for 2 weeks

Triplets looked at how their bodies responded after each one tried different high-intensity workout routines for two weeks.
5:16 | 11/16/17

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Transcript for Identical triplets try 3 high-intensity workouts for 2 weeks
We'll take it up a notch if you will with our triplet test lab that agreed to try three intensity workouts. How did they work? The differences? Take a look. Meet 24-year-old triplet, Andrea, Ariane and Athena. Will their bodies respond differently to three workouts. Hot yoga for Athena. Interval training for Andrea and -- Your fitness is not just how fast you can run, how strong you are, how flexible you are and how well you can put that together into move many. So we're trying to capture all of that. Polly Demille starts with a strength test. Andrea holes a plank for 62 seconds. Athena can hold it for 48 and Aryanna for 35. Next up a functional mobility test. They all have average scores with room for improvement. Finally the most difficult test of all, the o2 max that measures the amount of oxygen their bodies are able to deliver to their muscles for energy production. All of the triplets maxed themselves out. I'm dead G with that they kick off two weeks of high intensity training. It's hot yoga for Athena working up a sweat while strengthening her core at bode, ncc. Flywheel spinning classes andened Ya takes it to the limit with intervalue training at fhitting room. So two sweaty weeks later how will their bodies have changed. Really interesting stuff here. So great to have Athena, Arianna and Andrea with Chris Powell, celebrity trainer creator of transform, an amazing app. Congratulations on that. Check that out. I want to get right into it, ladies. Thank you to our crew tore name tags because we will need them. Yeah. So, Athena, correct, you did hot yoga. How did that challenge your body? Well, I think the first thing was just getting used to the heat. It was over 100 degrees so, you know, at first I thought I had had pass out a little bit. Once I got past that it challenged me to gain more flexibility, my muscles were toned more and I was using muscles I never used before. Sounds like a positive. So it was fun. Drum roll, please. Let's take a look at Athena's numbers. All right. There you go. Guys. Big gains, Chris. Yes, yes. Mobility and how long she could hold a plank but not so much in aerobic capacity. Surprising to you. Not at all. In fact these numbers Abe indicative of exactly what hot yoga offers. A lot of core strength. Holding those planks but also body awareness, spatial orientation, lots of flexibility. Which we saw in her mobility test. This is not to get the heart rate up. Not at all. Probably experienced that a little the not so much the heart rate. All right, so that's that and talk to Arianna. You usually do light cardio. This is was a totally different two weeks. You did high intensity spinning. Yes. So do you feel like that was better for you? I feel like it definitely was better for me. I'm definitely not used to high intensity cardio at all. Any cardio I did was just kind of a warmup so it was a big change for me and my lungs and my body were not used to it. But it was a huge change because my first class was such a struggle and with breathing. You felt like it was getting better. By the last class it was a lot easier to me, I could keep up and push myself. Let's see how it worked. Drum roll, here are the numbers. So very different results here, Chris. You know, this is so textbook. Because unlike yoga she doesn't do a lot of the core work and not doing a lot of mobility work. But a lot of cardio respiratory training and saw that with her vo2 max test with her aerobic capacity went up over 10% in two weeks and that's phenomenal in I running out of time. Andrea, you did intenty training high intensity interval training. Huge challenge. Yes. I mean, you said it was -- It was very challenging but I actually ended up loving it which I didn't expect. Drum roll, please. Let's take a look at the numbers. Chris, your translation here. This is very -- I thought strange. Well, it is but at the same time what we're looking at here is fatigue. Now, of course, speaking with Andrea before, she's a runner so jumping into high intensity training was exhausting so she's experiencing what we call Neu neuromuscular and metabolic fatigue. I appreciate her enthusiasm and drove in four classes a week and going gangster but at the same time her body is broken down a little bit. Give it two more weeks and you'll see those numbers go through the roof, absolutely. So hang in there, I guess. This is all, you guys all look great and alike as we all know but this is about healthy and isn't about losing weight so hang in there. You guys going to keep going. I think so. Yeah. Another cool experiment and thank you for your expertise as always.

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"Triplets looked at how their bodies responded after each one tried different high-intensity workout routines for two weeks. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51187129","title":"Identical triplets try 3 high-intensity workouts for 2 weeks","url":"/GMA/video/identical-triplets-high-intensity-workouts-weeks-51187129"}