Ryan Seacrest and Ariana Grande Make a Big Announcement on 'GMA'

The two superstars dish about the upcoming, star-studded iHeart Radio Music Festival.
4:48 | 07/23/14

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Transcript for Ryan Seacrest and Ariana Grande Make a Big Announcement on 'GMA'
company, two superstars right here. Ryan Seacrest and one of the hottest singers, the hot singer let's sayen 0 the planet, Ariana grande. Oh, thanks. Here to tell us about the exciting iheartradio festival. So wonderful to have you both here. Thank you for making the time and, boy, the lineup. The fourth year. So glad you're going to be a part of it? I'm so excited to be a part of it. Tell us who will be performing. This is the biggest music event of the year for me. Because it's a two-night festival in Las Vegas. Starts on Friday. The 19th of September. Goes through the 20th all day into the night of Saturday night and we work all year to put it together. Are you ready. Going to try to remember as many as I can. Taylor swift will be there. One direction will be there. And ed Sherron will be, usher, paramour. Ariana grande will be there. And this is the first time you've done this festival. Yes, I'm excited and fairly intimidated. Come on. Not intimidated by anything. I'm honored to be on that list of amazing artists. All genres, brown band, motley true so that there are no silos. As it should be much that's the beauty of music. Do you get as excited as we do in seeing all these great artists. Yeah. That you don't normally get a chance to see. The most exciting part of the show there are so many different genres coming together and it's very unique in that way and it's two nights. More music. Your girl iggy azalea will be there. She'll kill it. The list goes on and on and we're so excited because you have new music coming out next month. We had zedd. Oh, really. He was at the -- the place was pack sfwld that's amazing. Everyone wants to know this new music "My everything." You have so many followers. They want to know -- do you have a favorite song already? I do. It's called "Best mistake" featuring big Sean and that's my favorite one on the album, I think but I really do love "Break free" as well which is the -- Doing really well. Shameless plug. Skyrocketing up the -- It is. Zedd could not say enough great things about you and the collaboration that you all have together and so much that everyone has going on, it's hard to keep up with him. Isn't it? You do everything and then you launch a clothing line on top of all that too. Well, you have to stay dressed when you're working so much, right? You got to put something on. It's my uniform. We'll launch a line of Macy's of suits and accessories this fall. Awesome. Those look sharp. It's a good idea. See, what -- do you need a better endorsement than that. He told me to say that. No, he really didn't. There was more to it than that. Oh, yeah, buy all the clothes. It was like -- you look really tall in your clothes. You look really tall. In your clothes only. You really help people, guys who don't have stylists, we're very fortunate we have people that help put us together. Guys that don't so kind of like a garanimals. There's an easy way to get in and out with things you know will match and so there's a number system to it because I like to get stuff that I think matches but this is a way to get in, shop quickly and be pretty sure it all goes together. Guys, we could use all the help we can get. It's almost predone for sfwlu sounds very sensible. I know some boys who I'll be sending your way. Is there a specific boy -- I got a few that need some help. There's too many. Ha can always get you in trouble. Ryan will lead you astray but this has to be very exciting just the reception you're getting from so many people who are so appreciative and find so much good in your music. It means the worldment I'm very excited of the you know, I put so much work into it. Music is my whole life. It is my whole life and so excited for this new album. I put so much into it and so I'm very excited. And then I heart festival, it all culminates there. How will it be different? How do you do it each and every year? This is the fourth one. What makes it special. All of the artists come together and do things together that they don't get to do throughout the course of the year. Backstage you'll see, you know, artists who don't see each other get a chance to come up with an idea and many time attract a new collaboration will come out of being at the iheartradio festival that will be released a few weeks later so this is the big weekend of the year for us. Tickets go on sale, iheartradio.com and I'll be hosting. She'll be singing and enjoying it and recovering Sunday. Party had by all. Las Vegas, nice place to have it. Mgm grand in Las Vegas. I know a lot is going on with your family right now and it means a lot that you came in this morning. Thanks for having me, you guys. Know that we're thinking of you. Thank you.

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{"id":24675768,"title":"Ryan Seacrest and Ariana Grande Make a Big Announcement on 'GMA'","duration":"4:48","description":"The two superstars dish about the upcoming, star-studded iHeart Radio Music Festival.","url":"/GMA/video/iheart-radio-festival-ryan-seacrest-ariana-grande-gma-24675768","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}