Ikea Monkey 'Darwin' Now Behind Bars

Little primate is paying a heavy price for his adventure inside the furniture store.
2:33 | 12/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ikea Monkey 'Darwin' Now Behind Bars
Let's look at the little fashion plate caught on tape at an ikea. He's been taken away from his owner. She is fighting to get him back. Paula faris is tracking this for us. Reporter: The monkey's owner, a real estate lawyer, said she ate, slept and even showered with her pet primate. She calls little darwin her son. And says, he needs his mother. You might call it survival of the fittest and most fabulously dressed. This 7-month-old macaque named darwin, proved he was worth his name sake and place on the evolution scale on sunday, when he let himself out of his owner's car and headed towards this canadian ikea. But this morning, despite growing international acclaim, and this parody twitter handle, like way over dressed for this animal shelter and online pics like these, he has traded in his fur coat for prison stripes. Picked up by animal control officers and now being held as an illegal exotic pet. Could this be the end of the monkey business? Darwin's owner, jasmine nahuka is distraught. This home video shows t sharing a nightly routine. Mother and son, brushing teeth, getting ready for bed. Reporter: But experts say while he may seem cute here, darwin will evolve into a wild animal. They grow up. And they grow up, they can be fairly dangerous. I think in a couple of years, she would have had a struggle on her hand. Reporter: This primate is at an animal sanctuary. He's been introduced to a surrogate mom. This morning, the woman who says she's his real mother, is vowing to fight. She's even hired a lawyer and is planning a holiday reunion. These are his clothes i bought for christmas. I'm going to get him. And he's going to wear it. Reporter: Now, this isn't just monkey business. Animal handlers note that darwin's particular species carries disease and could be dangerous if exposed to humans, such as yourselves. Stay away from darwin. You think he's going to get into that santa suit? Probably not. Maybe we could bring him to the studio. Or not. Or not. Thanks, paula.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"Little primate is paying a heavy price for his adventure inside the furniture store.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17942126","title":"Ikea Monkey 'Darwin' Now Behind Bars","url":"/GMA/video/ikea-monkey-darwin-now-bars-adventure-inside-furniture-17942126"}