Spooky Prank: Imaginary Friend Appears in Photo

'Magic of Rahat' prankster fools people on the street when imaginary friend shows up in a photo.
3:00 | 03/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Spooky Prank: Imaginary Friend Appears in Photo
Hey I may -- why this morning I love this this is this -- you're gonna love this to you might remember our hot who pulled off this prank at the drive through when he rolled in. Do you remember that he. How -- the yeah right he hit himself behind the scene in the polls -- and orders and no one can figure out of the drive through. How the car got in line and our dog I would know what in there and he's actually created this -- the well he's done it again and robotic stopping -- on the street in LA and ask him to take pictures of him and his friends except there's no friend beside him and felt -- not just that. So he's like take this picture. And then he shows them the camera. Thank you so and there's actually. -- something bear beside him he's like hey did you did you see that did you see the picture that's amazing etc. His signature and we have a picture -- picture yet did you shuts -- down there and Jimmy and I got on an -- The so there and hit and then it's fantastic so how do you do this time when the -- and when they. They're somewhat in their cell. Hear what this. Starting prevent Howard here oh and nice to see it from Virginia good to see you good sir how in the world did you play -- did you pull this off. It was. Very -- what I did what -- I actually have a picture of what my actual and previously before. Do it as frank -- all but we didn't. Fifth grader David derby. And and it. But -- and all. -- the critical moment not -- let's see if if we get a better signal on the old Skype. OK try and try one more time because we just lost your audio right when you're like so here's -- I -- -- Are there -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Your next project to fix guide. But -- -- -- take a picture already. -- your friend and then. And then all the odds that any random stranger on Hollywood boulevard to did snap a picture of me I write -- -- And what's -- take that -- ought to do is simply go to my vote laughed at all back simply -- -- That I not -- -- we can see some of the reactions but were avoiding saying TO Nissan that your imaginary friend Israel. A lot a lot of times they're like who really. Occasionally. Blow up what appeared at a photo. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- up probably what are you -- cash. Do what what the gag was. Your sense of humor is amazing that not only do you have this wonderful frank idea -- these great lines like okay you take it again because look he blinks yeah that's we love you -- -- like Jimmy like special course yep yep I think you're handing you were taught us. My friends are for us any time an entire -- baggage. Thanks. You're -- you springer job yeah. -- work seriously hot thank you so much about Fred it was to have faith.

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{"id":18823767,"title":"Spooky Prank: Imaginary Friend Appears in Photo","duration":"3:00","description":"'Magic of Rahat' prankster fools people on the street when imaginary friend shows up in a photo.","url":"/GMA/video/imaginary-friend-photo-prank-rahat-explains-18823767","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}