Immigrationomics: CEO of Largest Hispanic Company in US Says Immigrants Not Looking for Handouts

MasTec CEO Jose Mas says GOP?s opposition to immigration reform is hurting the party.
3:00 | 11/04/13

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Transcript for Immigrationomics: CEO of Largest Hispanic Company in US Says Immigrants Not Looking for Handouts
Welcome to power players -- ABC news White House correspondent Jim -- And today a conversation about immigration with a son of an immigrant from Cuba who came here in 1959. Built a small construction company that is now the largest Hispanic owned business in the United States. -- mosque is a conservative Republican who believes an immigration reform including a pathway to citizenship. South Miami has been in the Cuban American community has been all over generations now. A Republican strong -- how much harm do you believe. Republicans have done by opposing immigration reform in this community I'm actually I'm Republican. Fiscally conservative. But when it comes to a lot of the social justice issues -- as a party. Immigration is one of many things it's going on that I think is is negatively -- the Republican Party much -- but everywhere what is it do you think. About the immigrant what's the sparked. That helped so many of them succeed. You know I think that an immigrant comes to this country. With with a passion to succeed I think most immigrants want to contribute to our society but do you think that. The people who are coming in this country over staying visas -- Are they coming here. To get on welfare. To come in here in search for better I don't think anybody believes that living in in a world where everything's handed to -- This positive people want to excel. People want to be portable winning team people -- -- feel good about themselves in the way they do that is by being successful is by having a dream by having global and having the opportunity to achieve that. When you look at what some of the people due to cross the borders and whether it was. Cubans who were crossing the voting going ninety miles on inflatable to the risking their lives day in and day out. Not for a hand -- for an opportunity to build a life that's better than what they can achieve for their we have to have a policy. That understands the -- is a good thing for America that's positive that. And and we should be embracing that as a nation. But it like it embrace my father. The other point that the opposition makes frequently saying that people like yourself. Businessmen and support reform immigration reform because all you want is cheap labor and you want. -- in droves of foreign workers to come and knock out the higher paid workers of the United States. I think it's ridiculous. My business. 44 billion dollars at a disadvantage. To that small business who's taking advantage of the system. To that one employer who's out there who's not paying his employees. Correctly his pain under the table -- not paying for workers' compensation was not they're not paying into the system. For not paying Social Security taxes. That individual can go out and they can help priced me every -- -- and it happens you're all over the country so the bigger companies the people that are doing it right. Aren't benefiting from the system the reality is when you look at construction jobs around the country with the farming and agricultural jobs. -- most of that work is being done by immigrants today. So why not create a process where they're paying taxes which they want. They don't want to be here hiding having to cheat the government let them pay taxes let them pay into the system. They want to pay into the system and -- not allowing them tell me a little about your dad. And how he got to the United States why he came here in what it was like when he got here -- my father came to an assist in 1959. It was an immigrant from Cuba. He found itself in a country where he didn't speak the language she didn't have a penny his name. Really nothing but the shirt on his back and had nowhere to go -- could go back to Cuba to talk. He works a bunch of -- jobs he found himself -- and as a dishwasher on the beach you worked as a Steve -- the port of Miami. You worked as a shoe salesman. I became a milkman. So we had some friends that had looked -- on the Puerto Rico. And that opened -- about construction company basically digging trenches where the telephone lines. So he left the milk route to do that left them no crowd to go in the construction and dig trenches and business -- little by little. And he eventually -- as partners and in 1992. We had a tragic around in this community -- -- and Andrew. Which had a devastating impact and a lot of the telephone poles -- power poles -- knocked down. And our company actually got the contracts to rebuild that infrastructure and 1998 there was a race on building -- across the country. And we provided those services to those companies to be able to do that. We were the first Hispanic company in US history to break the billion dollars in sales this -- we'll do about four point two billion dollars in sales. Employees over 141000 people in this country. We operate -- 48 states so we've gone from a very very humble beginnings. So being accompanied. There or -- -- don't companies were a fortune 1000 company. And I think there's very few Hispanic companies and have been able to portray that growth. Over the course. Of of history really of US business history thank you very much for sharing your story we should note thank you. That's all for this edition of power players for ABC news in Yahoo! News I'm Jim marvelous you can follow me on Twitter at Jim Avila ABC's. Have a good --

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{"id":20774193,"title":"Immigrationomics: CEO of Largest Hispanic Company in US Says Immigrants Not Looking for Handouts","duration":"3:00","description":"MasTec CEO Jose Mas says GOP?s opposition to immigration reform is hurting the party.","url":"/GMA/video/immigrationomics-ceo-largest-hispanic-company-us-immigrants-handouts-20774193","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}