Impact of Government Shutdown Felt Across US

Obama shortens his trip to Asia, as the shutdown could stretch for weeks.
3:52 | 10/02/13

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Transcript for Impact of Government Shutdown Felt Across US
government shutdown in its second day. The president has shortened his planned trip to asia next week. Dan harris in lower manhattan. The statue of liberty ferry is one of many federal facilities shut down today. Good morning. Reporter: Exactly, george. Good morning to you. Forget about give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses. If you show up to see lady liberty today, you will be turned away. This is one of many examples across america of the impact of this manmade disaster. This morning, the centers for disease control says it can no longer monitor the seasonal flu. The national institutes of health says it may have to turn children with cancer away from clinical trials. And overnight, shelters housing victims of domestic abuse, like this one in phoenix, said they may have to shut down. The national transportation safety board has shut down investigations into the asiana crash at the san francisco airport. And this hard landing of a southwest in new york. In colorado, the angry governor is having to pay national guard troops with state funds so they can keep cleaning up after the recent massive floods. National parks and monuments across america are shut down, too. From the liberty bell. To pearl harbor, to yosemite, with the kids on this school camping trip will have to go home early. At the grand canyon, this sick woman, working on her bucket list, was turned away. I'm blessed to be here and able to see this much of it. Trying to get a few things off that bucket list. Reporter: And a remarkable scene at the world war ii memorial in washington, d.C. Where visiting veterans from mississippi, heroes flown for free on what's known as an honor flight. How was the flight? Good. Reporter: Arrived to find these barriers. But with a little bit of help, the men triumphed, just as they did decades ago. That's nice. It's an honor to come back and see what we fought for. Reporter: And this morning, there are 31 world war ii veterans in east texas who are anxiously watching developments in washington. They have their own trip to see that memorial planned for next week. As one of them told us overnight, and this is a direct quote, the japanese and the germans couldn't stop us. The dang barricades won't, either. George, back to you. We'll see how that turns out. Abc's jon karl is at the white house. And the shutdown starting to hit home at the white house. The president announced overnight he's cutting his planned trip to asia in half next week. Reporter: This was a long planned trip. He was supposed to be in asia all next week. Now, he's canceled two of the stops. He won't be going to malaysia. He won't be going to the philippines. The white house spokesman said, this completely avoidable shutdown is setting back our ability to promote u.S. Exports. There's two summits. One in brunei. And the other in indonesia. And no plan to cancel those yet. More talk the shutdown could stretch on. Perhaps until the next deadline looming when the government hits ITS DEBT LIMIT ON OCTOBER 17th. Reporter: It looks likely right now. Both sides are dug in. No giving in at all. The white house is demanding unconditional surrender from the house. October 17th when the debt ceiling gets hit. It looks like both of the negotiations may fall into one. But the white house say they don't want to negotiate. They think these demands made by republicans are unreasonable, irresponsible. And right now, at least right now, republicans are remaining unified. A lot of senior republicans around town really questioning the strategy or lack of strategy from the house. Hard to see how this is going to get unlocked. Jon karl, thanks very much.

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{"id":20441566,"title":"Impact of Government Shutdown Felt Across US","duration":"3:52","description":"Obama shortens his trip to Asia, as the shutdown could stretch for weeks.","url":"/GMA/video/impact-government-shutdown-felt-us-20441566","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}