'Impatient Foodie' author shares quick meal hacks for summer

Elettra Wiedemann prepares three weekday meal fixes for the summer that cut down time for a fast and easy summer feast.
3:05 | 06/07/17

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Transcript for 'Impatient Foodie' author shares quick meal hacks for summer
Leading man is here with some. Patient foudy and I am. A self confessed impatiently he 'til until you are too. Question what if that picture from the I want to know why wish I could cook but the recipes take a lot of times a lot of you know like Atlanta. I mean you're standing in front here adding it didn't happen now. Let me get a good cook in order to become a pager put out. Our right. So let's let's talk about this time when you have a really cool take. On eggplant parmesan yeah I love egg hunt John but I was O is too impatient actually could get to it takes for ever present what I that was added up making must contend parmesan and which cooks which takes the cooking time down in half. So I have to did it's a nice portions as you just spent a little bit of marinara Sasser just regular tomato sauce and then you do too little. I plants and Aric. And then a little bit of re coats herbs hopping just like so and then appear at minimum what's a little bit of mozzarella. Why not a sprinkle of and it's all salt or something and then you literally bake it and I think in twenty minutes it becomes best I mean I didn't do that I hope I believe. We have. At the listed by the way let's say so please try I really like to eat that's with either salad for dinner I have friends over for like cocktails at a thanks orders or they're just really fast and easy. And that's Mandela and planned yeah I have high. Question from younger. Reiser who's right here I treasure and I thought I love to cut back hate watching this and do you have any reasonable suggestions I hate clashing that this is too and in fact all of my recipes my cutback are designed around as doing little this is as possible all. I haven't had too many I mean this is while I was testing and next that so they really can make an hour so this is a desk that is designed by my grandfather. And he actually hated doing the dishes cheers at this is his once hot hot so that he needs and that I really love this recipe because you know when you go to the market and you need like five be the least that you have to actually by a mountain Tony's all star and then you're like. You know in your fridge going batting just feel horribly guilty this past a dish is basically all of the herbs that you bought at the farmer's market. And you just men's thumb up or you can even Mike customary some scissors here so let's say you have like some beautiful ties in your fridge. Just chopped up like really fast and so there like so and then he basically I had. Oregano they involve the only there by Wharton dues Rosemary it's just too strong a waiver a tiny bit of lemon surfaces and Pak army now or parmesan she is. And then a little bit of olive well Canada's literally want and on and that's why don't I let anything. So much this is like like changing yeah.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"Elettra Wiedemann prepares three weekday meal fixes for the summer that cut down time for a fast and easy summer feast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"47876548","title":"'Impatient Foodie' author shares quick meal hacks for summer ","url":"/GMA/video/impatient-foodie-author-shares-quick-meal-hacks-summer-47876548"}