Celebrity Designer Gives The 'GMA' Office an Overhaul

Jonathan Adler beautifies the Times Square office and has tips to spruce up your space.
3:00 | 03/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Celebrity Designer Gives The 'GMA' Office an Overhaul
I am outside this door. Our team recognizes this is where the show gets put together every morning. Our executive producer, the writers, all the senior producers and you know what, they work in a -- wasn't exactly inspiring so on our "Improve this!" Today, wonderful tips to sort of up the ante for your work space and we got the one and only designer and dear friend of the show Jonathan Adler to help out. Take a look. When you picture "Gma" producers hard at work early in the morning, you probably imagine something like this. Really want to know. Reporter: But when the show is not on the air -- This is their home away from home. Not even 5:00 A.M. And sitting on a bright death star. So much happening. Reporter: Known as the tss back office, the day begins here well before the sun rises. Right here. Yes. Kind of a mess. Marilyn Monroe, map of the world. The germs, the germs, the germs in this place. They're everywhere. This furniture has probably been here 30 years. Hi. Reporter: There is one man who can turn this clutter and claustrophobic area into a peaceful oasis of work bliss and that's my friend, scale extraordinaire and potter Jonathan Adler. Thanks for helping us out again in here. I'm so happy to be here. We don't have a coat rack. They'll be thrilled with us. We block other stations. Yeah. There's the custard walls that are not doing anybody's complexions any favors. I get the feeling it is chaotic here. It is. I think we need a little bit of calm to deal with the chaos. I think blue is a very calming color. And I think Orange is an optimistic color so calm and optimistic is what "Gma" is about. We're going to make this gorgeous, calm and functional for you guys. ♪ All right, Jonathan Adler is joining me as is Denise and rob and Simone, the people who it will affect most. Jonathan, shall we. Come on in and see the new "Good morning America" office space. Feast your eyes. This is amazing. What do you think? It looks so clean. It's organized. It's clean and I want to ask you, Jonathan. Explain what your philosophy was for this space and the key with color. The key was color. First of all let's be honest. It was a mess and it was that depressing custard color bumming me out so I decided to do a calming gray because first and foremost it needs to be calm and functional space. You haven't seen it at 6:30 in the morning. It was gnarly. Gnarly. And pops of turquoise are the most optimistic happy colors. Optimistic, energy. Way to make a winning show and DIY consider our friends, our viewers can take home are the fact you guys used plywood to make these chic modern desks. Why did you decide not to paint or stain them but polyurethane them. I love plywood. Fantastic artists, Donald jug my inspiration and wanted to do a clean modern space and that "Mad men" chic thing. At sterling draper price they know how to do it. Mad men, crazy men. Crazy women. Also another fun DIY tip. I showed you on the internet. You gave me this. I executed. You take -- take old crates or buy crates as your home design store and we literally cut -- water damaged books and cut the bindings off using a table saw and simply glued them. Great storage for old scripts for newspapers, everything that you need. Really chic way. You have a table here so you can talk about how great "Pop news" is that day. Here after the show we can discuss how great robin and George were on the show that day. This did so comfortable to lay down. Hard not to take a nap. You need to nap. You guys are here at the crack of down. We're here earlier than that. So great to lie down on. This is a snooze-worthy couch. Amy, you and I can chill after a long day of news. They built up these windowsills using the same plywood as the desk and go to your home design store and get six-inch foam, cut it and literally wrap it like a birthday present. Could not be easier to do yourself and gives you more seating and hopefully Tom who is wrapping me, my beautiful executive producer, this will make a space that makes you very happy, relaxed and kind to all. We're going to go to ginger outside. Fab. Thank you so much. It was so much fun to do. I hope you enjoy your new space.

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{"id":22815403,"title":"Celebrity Designer Gives The 'GMA' Office an Overhaul","duration":"3:00","description":"Jonathan Adler beautifies the Times Square office and has tips to spruce up your space.","url":"/GMA/video/improve-office-overhaul-22815403","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}