Independent Spirit Awards 2013: Preview of Oscars Winners?

Chris Connelly reports the latest on one of Hollywood's biggest weekends.
3:00 | 02/24/13

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Transcript for Independent Spirit Awards 2013: Preview of Oscars Winners?
We're counting down to oscars right now with robin roberts and lara spencer starting off the night in style for tonight's oscar coverage. Can't wait to see what they're going to be wearing. Last night, the independent spirit awards. Abc's chris connelly was there. Reporter: We're here at the dolby theater here in hollywood. But 15 miles away, they gave out the indie spirit awards. Now if ginger zee doesn't mind we mentioning it, the weather was sunny and breezy. That's right, sunny and breezy. Our unlike any other indie spirit awards ever made. Maybe that's why the attendees weren't prepared. The beachside independent spirit awards shown like the award for Have you enjoyed it as much -- tremendously. Reporter: Bradley's co-star jennifer lawrence, deared to bear on the red carpet. Are you warm enough. No. I'm freezing. Reporter: But she soon filled the warmth of her colleagues. Jennifer lawrence. Reporter: Winning for best actress. A belief and a story that you love enough to do almost anything for. Reporter: Silver linings playbook was the big winner. Before paying tribute to his son matthew who struggled with mood disorder and acts in this film. You taught so ch much about so many things. Reporter: The session's j hawk won for lead actor and his co-star helen hunt for supporting actress. Adam sandler killed it with montages like this one. I forgot to take the trash out of this. Always be prepared. Go with channing tatum. Okay, he's better. Reporter: Another nominee, matthew McConaughey won best supporting actor foragic mike. My first oscar prediction we won't hear a speech like tha tonight. Probably a good prediction to make, chris. Have fun tonight. Abc's oscar coverage begins at 7:00 eastern. And robin and lara are starting the fun. Monday morning, "good morning america's" oscar party. Coming unhere on this sunday morning -- an internet creation has taylor swift singing a duet that she probably would haven't

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{"id":18579839,"title":"Independent Spirit Awards 2013: Preview of Oscars Winners?","duration":"3:00","description":"Chris Connelly reports the latest on one of Hollywood's biggest weekends.","url":"/GMA/video/independent-spirit-awards-2013-preview-oscars-winners-18579839","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}