Indoor Gardens to Clean Your Air and Heal Your Soul

Apartment Therapy's Maxwell Ryan shares 5 different gardens you can bring inside.
4:53 | 05/10/13

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Transcript for Indoor Gardens to Clean Your Air and Heal Your Soul
Five. -- let me run Macs -- by the way CEO and founder of apartment building -- and I say yeah. Doesn't want a little green. Showing us how to do it even if you have a small space flight. A lot of us by the way is this -- what it. This is what I've got greeted as a smile I unlocked apartment therapy things -- -- back when I've got heated -- five garden thinking you can bring into your house. That will not only clean your air but it will. Healing yourself. -- -- -- the perfect I don't know still healing. Cleaning gardening the first under the old fashioned garden right and I've been -- -- -- -- one of the easiest ways to grown -- -- T take evolved. -- -- -- -- You drop evident. You're not -- dollars that would -- To be like so many inches down but you don't really -- just like it's all in there it's it's good for begun yet these -- -- young -- men on his -- when the easiest bulbs to grow -- -- sort of. An injured Tuesday and I'll drop because I don't know all of you can get chopped up all alcohol -- drop Dunn did tech dot. And I think I'm glad he's not and then that'll go this is this is what -- can run indoors outdoors year round Lasik eye an inch. Bright it is he urges another well you know it's just -- -- -- I'm all right this is the modern gardens at checkpoints and that's what's happening in the news chalking soon. He had this is a Hydro honig garden is the first ever hike opponent garden you can keep in your kitchen do maintenance -- a -- -- this. Kick starter project this is called modern sprout. Monitor and doing online for laying out there there's a few people in Chicago they haven't launched yet they're starting Q they just raise the money the Sandler. Visit -- let's -- you have a green berg Gunnar aren't you garden in the -- do. I -- yeah. So huge you can put this anywhere you can -- into the how to hang in the back on my god -- spirit into the he's so what -- would insist there's a real time Lance miles are nothing like land that way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Actually snake plant. Assuming this is this is the modern -- the -- -- vertical -- all organisms which is your plan potted garden event this is -- house plans to. This thing is I put district -- you shouldn't forget that houseplants are actually awesome. -- the pots you know all -- your house these are really easy plans to -- the from the Silva commenting young woman in Brooklyn who's in and evangelist for the house plan. And she will send these to your door and she well she will yet -- service and this how punitive you can't grow anything how hard sell and -- even for like your daughter's doll house that day comes the living room tree that's music. It's -- it's like. -- my daughter's doll house yeah. I thought I was there I see this and I think it's just penetrate this is a mile and my understanding is -- like a little animal and that's. I wanted to be you can what you're gonna put you would have. You us -- it's rare in -- area I was right. This is bullet -- you can put this anywhere even on cable dining table so. And it's like a little moment and and you knew that she gave him America plans and individual lives and this you don't have been named Alex -- -- -- -- -- So this this is actually very fancy -- this is from Jeffrey -- rams he will come to your house every few months to give it fine tuning in the -- -- you can do yourself and he can't figure out you really need to -- -- area landscaper when you that you can't. The wonderful about it is if you need one if you can -- -- want to. -- -- you -- what you keep again he would you will not to June Gordon for the patient I'll. You have agreed dumb he loves he gardens at home that -- I don't know if you like cleaning and -- I I I -- he's got a little -- -- cleaning I love the guard I don't literally got what I -- the most beautiful ceramic. An Asian. Gardens Julia she goes are Yemeni authorities -- like it is. I've known -- my cat that's a little side table at his apartment he's now out on his terrace holding up a lot lately are being you know by the way well -- but you want more ideas you how to get through our site we've got tons more. -- -- -- All summer along gimme -- the whole site so I got a lot Arnold watermelon dot com what are militia get it done interior design ideas web -- there and thank you -- we thank you yeah. Pick somebody. -- -- black fountain yeah what would the two easiest plants to grow be if you wanted to start back -- south axis. And. And actually it's speculative this this is really easy to her daughter but don't know have a young is just just drop it and found. I'll probably what I -- just beyond dot -- Java giant.

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{"id":19151453,"title":"Indoor Gardens to Clean Your Air and Heal Your Soul","duration":"4:53","description":"Apartment Therapy's Maxwell Ryan shares 5 different gardens you can bring inside.","url":"/GMA/video/indoor-gardens-clean-air-heal-soul-19151453","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}