ING New York City Marathon Returns and Runners Are Proud

Famed race returns after being canceled in 2012 due to Superstorm Sandy.
3:00 | 11/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ING New York City Marathon Returns and Runners Are Proud
In my -- Garrity big day for the New York City Marathon less than seven months after the attack from the Boston Marathon -- a year after the big -- actually canceled due to hurricane season. -- Lindsay -- is that the starting line Staten Island with a story of some very inspiring runners -- good morning. Good morning -- Indiana. It's a -- I live in the morning out here but organizers say this marathon -- and back better and safer than ever. Police pulling out all the stops to protect the world's biggest marathon -- died in the air. On the water -- thousands of officers lighting the -- now there are expected to -- 48000. Runners engine. Million spectators are saying -- on the runners. Milling around behind me trying to stay warm ahead of this race. It's it's point six points and miles starting here in Staten Island and ending and Central Park there -- reports that many inspiring stories that we understand. In the I would want incredible snap link as -- enough for today. For the Snyder family running is so much more than a sports for a way to keep -- this is our number one main. Activity at the family. Everything else kind of come second -- two running 23 year old identical twins Alex and Jamie are severely autistic on the spectrum. -- -- -- All of them and on -- -- running has given them joy and relief from the frustrations of not being able to communicate to. When the boys were eight years old -- Allen noticed how much they'd like to chase him around. Then when the twins -- fifteen pound they're calling me actually. Found out about a club that Watford. Volunteers. To run with individuals with disabilities. They said -- guys are and me -- They've been racking up medals ever since they've done -- that I mentioned thirty races. From -- -- -- everything in between. Both boys have to run with the assistance of -- -- Coaches have a hard jobs and help you navigate around on the waters -- -- is about to go to the bathroom in connection picture places a high. But when it comes to running styles the twins couldn't be more different describe what it's like it. Toronto at valley -- born to run and I have been sheet on the off days what we don't run together possibly getting you know for a five miles just so I didn't -- good enough case. For Janie who runs with his dad it's all about the experience. Jamie -- stopping everything the warrior style but when you shake hands with the -- -- the -- as the that I bonding experience but yeah thanks products. -- -- people there's not a lot I can share with him but -- -- running it's an unspoken. Language going on that's been. Wonderful and -- who. Robin -- Allen say they don't know where their family would be without running they don't live a normal life so this. It's something that really mean anything connects with them. Makes them happy man. And the twins are running today for the association for science in oxygen treatments Alex is hoping to beat his personal best of three hours and when he -- -- she sat in Boston. Jamie -- to get through this race he hadn't finished. In Boston when those bombs went off he was dramatized by the chaos of today he's -- to be running with his iPod but a very inspiring. Care -- analysts and as you mentioned Lindsay this really is bonding experience for the entire family -- reminded how many stories of how is someone that's out there with the runners up. I have a lot of people running today ran in Boston and this is a big comeback people Lindsay. Thank you very much for that reporting great story.

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{"id":20768343,"title":"ING New York City Marathon Returns and Runners Are Proud","duration":"3:00","description":"Famed race returns after being canceled in 2012 due to Superstorm Sandy.","url":"/GMA/video/ing-york-city-marathon-returns-runners-proud-20768343","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}