Inside the Best 9 Craze on Instagram

The "GMA" anchors discuss the latest craze on social media, highlighting users' most popular photos of 2016.
2:44 | 01/02/17

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Transcript for Inside the Best 9 Craze on Instagram
What a wonderful way to start off the new year. It is. Happy new year everybody. We're all looking forward to 2017. A lot of people are also looking back on social media, especially on Instagram. One of the biggest things trending is something called 2016's best nine. Let's take a look. Or not. Oh, that's robin's. Babies always make the best nine. My family and I thank you. What Instagram does is they'll look through your pictures for the year and determine which ones had the most likes, the most posts, and these were the top nine. You're right about that, Amy, babies. Babies. I think what -- I don't know about you guys, I never post anything and say how many likes am I going to get. It's just a feeling of happiness and gratitude and I think that's reflected in the number of people who respond. Were you surprised by the ones? I was surprised. Not about my sister's wedding. We had a good time. I love that that was right there in the center with my siblings and the two babies. I love the fact that I just got to meet them at christmastime, holding them both. And Kevin giving a little peace sign. Did you all do it too? I saw mine as well. Adrian wins every time. Right now he's Instagram gold is what we would call it. There he is. Every single photo. Every single picture except for the one where Ben and I were at a wedding. People love sharing your joy. I think that's what it is every time. Which is nice to learn. Did you do it as well? I just got the most likes and I just happened to look. It was my daughter's birthday. I did a split screen from when she was born. There's my mom. She and I went on a tour for breast cancer awareness. She's on there too. You're wearing the same sweater, mom. She's in the studio. You're wearing the same sweater. She looks great in it. And George, wait, can I say something really funny? I saw that we were going to be sharing our nine. George in parentheses, they said George only had one post. I'm not on Instagram but you heard my internal argument. My kids have been lobbying me for public Instagram accounts. I've been saying no. They're going to use all of this. Instagram is really nice though. I feel like it's the nicest of the social media. The responses are always so positive. I have to say it's the best of all of them. Look at the joy you're missing out on. But the best one is nice too, joy. One and done.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"The \"GMA\" anchors discuss the latest craze on social media, highlighting users' most popular photos of 2016. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44504873","title":"Inside the Best 9 Craze on Instagram ","url":"/GMA/video/inside-best-craze-instagram-44504873"}